EVENT: Diamonds in the Dirt - Rocky Trail Women's Only Event

State: NSW

Cat: endurance

  • Location

    Awaba Mountain Bike Park
    Cooranbong, NSW

  • When

    Sat 2 July, 2016

  • Format

  • Description

    This is Rocky Trail’s womens only event at Awaba MTB Park in Cooranbong – because all women are gems!

    This will be an event for any woman who rides and already races a mountain bike. Dreamt up by Rocky Trail’s Juliane Wisata, it will be run in a friendly and encouraging event environment, where it doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, have kids or not, prefer lycra or baggy shorts, whether you’re into pink or not at all. Whether you’ve just started riding or never participated in a mountain bike event before. We want you to come, if you love racing to share your passion for riding and pass on that racing bug.

    We’ll put together a ~5km course of the most fun single and bush trails at Awaba for a 2 and 3 hour event. No big jumps or scary stuff, but fun and rocky bits that are rollable and once you know your lines, you can push harder with every lap.

    And hey, let’s get the boys to come as well! Let them look after the kids – there’s great kids trails at Awaba and they can run a few fun kids races for them. They can help with mechanicals and timing and make sure we won’t have to worry about anything but staying upright on those bikes. Sounds like a plan?

    Check out the event website for the race packages and to see what other female #rockytrailracers say about us!

  • Entries Open

    Entries are closed.

  • More Info

    Visit http://www.rockytrailentertainment.com/events/Diamonds-overview.html for more information.

  • Getting There

    Around an hour and a half's drive from Sydney, and perhaps half an hour from Newcastle.

    To find the cross country trailhead:

    Turn right off Mt Faulk Rd at Jenkins Rd (marked with a Mountain Bike Park sign). This is the XC trailhead and the finish for the DH track.

    To find the top of the downhill track:

    Follow Mt Faulk Rd up the hill past the signs to the trailhead. The DH trailhead isn't marked with a sign yet, but there is a short road on your right where the club turns it's shuttles around just past the Monkey Face Lookout road. The trail is just a few metres off the road on your right.

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