EVENT: Misty Mountain MTB Marathon

State: TBA

Cat: endurance

  • Location


  • When

    Sat 31 August, 2013

  • Format

    Marathon with a Enduro multi lap format

  • Description

    Saturday August 31st, 2013
    60k/40k/20k events

    Race inside a volcano! The Misty Mountain MTB Marathon (Mebbin springs Inter-action Outward Bound base) private property is inside the magnificent Wollumbin (Mt Warning) volcanic caldera. This stunning area encompasses the massive 20 million year old shield volcano with surrounding views of the outer rim in every direction. From this area you can
    clearly see the impressive 600m high crater wall reaching up into the Border Ranges National Park.

    The Misty Mountain Marathon will start at the Interaction Outdoor pursuit centre area just 1.5hrs south of the Gold Coast/Brisbane.

    Open to riders 12yrs and above. (Its recommended that 12year olds ride the 20k) Please note: 12 – 16yrs may only enter the 40k and 20k event. 17yrs+ can enter the 60k/40k/20k.
    Solo Man/Women/2 person
    12 – 16yrs
    17 – 29yrs
    30 – 39yrs
    40 – 49yrs
    50 – 59yrs

    2 person Teams
    2 person Team (Men)
    2 person Team (Women)
    2 person Team (Mixed)

    Entries open Feb 11th:
    Early Bird: Feb 11th – May 31st
    Standard Entries: May 31st – Aug 24th

    Info at www.summerofcycling.com

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    Entries are closed.

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    Visit summerofcycling.com for more information.

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