EVENT: MTB 24 h of Rome

State: TBA

Cat: endurance

  • Location

    Parco degli Acquedotti
    Roma (Italy),

  • When

    Sat 13 September, 2014 -
    Sun 14 September, 2014

  • Format

    24 hours relay race

  • Description

    The MTB 24 hours of Rome is an unmissable event for any bike lover – from beginners to expert riders. The relay race takes place like always in the stunning “Parco degli Acquedotti” (Aqueducts Park) in Rome, one of the most beautiful places in the city: the arches of the ancient aqueduct, built by emperors Caligula and Claudio between 38 and 52 AD, will be the amazing background for the race that will take place on 12th, 13th and 14th of September 2014.
    The event is opened to every kind of biker, from beginners to professionals, and provides the perfect combination of sports, history and fun. The race starts on Friday 12th, when bikers and their partners can start settling in the park with tents and caravans (note, the camping is totally free), and in the evening they will have the possibility to take part to the well known ride that has been defined the most beautiful ride in the world: “Pedalata Nella Storia – a Ride Through History”, starting from Caracalla Baths and arriving to the Aqueducts Park, crossing the most interesting and fascinating sites of Rome. This is the perfect way for bike lovers to enjoy the city, riding through history and discovering the magnificent roman buildings and monuments. At the end of the ride, the “Toga Pasta Party” will take place, to end the day with good food, music and fun.
    The event continues on Saturday 13th when the MTB relay race will start at 12 am, and end 24 hours later on Sunday 14th. The bikers will thoroughly enjoy riding in the park, as they will have the possibility to pedal while appreciating the Italian sunshine and lovely weather, and admiring the stunning dawns and sunsets through the aqueduct arches.
    To give anyone the possibility to participate to this incredible event, there are various options for participating and subscribing. Bikers in fact can participate as agonistic (card-carrying) athletes in teams of 2, 4 or 8 people, or in the “solo” category for the bravest! There is also the “Lazybones- Fannulloni” category that allows even non expert, beginners or non agonistic bikers (only a medical certificate is required) to create a team up to 12 people and take part to this unique event. Athletes will race for 24 hours non stop in the mostly flat circuit that passes along the stunning Acquedotto Claudio; the bike lights (obligatory for riding at night) along with the special location make the atmosphere even more magic and unique. The Trophy “24h MTB S.P.Q.R. MMXII” (a Roman helmet) will be awarded to the athlete or team that has ridden through the most kilometres.
    The great news of this year’s edition is the introduction of the “6 hours race”: it will take place on Friday 13th from 12 am to 6 pm and it is an endurance competition for single bikers who want to experience the race but don’t feel like riding as much as 24 hours.
    Not only is the setting simply striking, but it is also easily reachable by car, underground or bus, making it easy to for people coming from all over the world. The MTB 24hours of Rome staff will help you find a team or build your own one if you want to participate but don’t have companions, rent a bike and find a convenient accommodation in Rome if you are coming with your family or friends and they prefer not to stay in the Parco degli Acquedotti camping where all the bikers will stay.

    The MTB 24 hours of Rome organisation is willing to accommodate people from all over the world, and give everyone the incredible opportunity to take place to this unique event.
    For further information please visit the official website http://www.24hroma.it/english, or contact the organisation by sending an email to [email protected] – we are willing to help you and answer all of your questions.

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  • More Info

    Visit http://www.24hroma.it/english for more information.