EVENT: Rotorua Bike Festival

State: TBA

Cat: gravity-enduro-2

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  • When

    Fri 13 February, 2015 -
    Sun 22 February, 2015

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  • Description

    2015 Rotorua Bike Festival.
    10 days, 30 events, 10,000 wheels – Friday February 13 to Sunday February 22.
    From the fall-off-a-cliff extreme rider to kids experiencing the freedom and the unforgettable exhiliration of that first ride. Biking events for everyone, from 2 to 72, and with all disciplines represented: BMX, road and mountain bike.
    Friends and families will connect and enjoy the environment, the biking and the spirit of the event. There’s something magical about a gathering like this and a sense of excitement and anticipation.
    Defining what a Bike Festival is, this is the best one in the country in the world’s premier, all-year-round, mountain bike resort.

  • Entries Open

    Entries are closed.

  • More Info

    Visit www.rotoruabikefestival.com for more information.

  • Getting There

    There are direct flights on Air New Zealand into Rotorua till April 25.Or fly into Auckland. You can fly down in regular flights or it's a 2.30 trip from Auckland International Airport. Allow 3-3.5 in a camper van.

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