EVENT: The Kowalski Classic

State: TBA

Cat: xcm

  • Location


  • When

    Sun 22 September, 2013

  • Format

    marathon race

  • Description

    The Kowalski Classic showcases the masterful work of trailbuilding legends Paul Cole, Alan Anderson and the mysterious Kowalski Brothers. A singletrack marathon like no other, the Full Kowalski will challenge you over a mind bendingly high proportion of flowing singletrack and stout stem biting climbs. The rewards are tantalising traverses, sweet carving descents and a mind bendingly high proportion of singletrack! The Half Kowalski combines the best of both venues for a true test of skill and stamina. Find your flow on the Bird and the Kow.

  • Entries Open

    Entries are closed.

  • More Info

    Visit http://selfpropelled.com.au/event/kowalski-classic/the-race/ for more information.

  • Getting There