EVENT: Urge 3 Peaks Enduro

State: Otago

Cat: stage

  • Location

    Dunedin, Otago

  • When

    Sat 15 December, 2012

  • Format

    Stage Race

  • Description

    Urge 3 Peaks Enduro has an interesting concept of riding up and racing down. Even though the climbs are not timed, there is an overall time limit for the whole competition. This event combines the fun and social side of mountain biking with the adrenalin of downhill racing.

    The race will occur  on three of Dunedin’s most fun trails. Two of them are normally not allowed for mountain biking. The race runs will be mostly downhill with some climbs to keep things interesting.  Event will have a separate downhill category as well. The trails are intermediate level so everyone with reasonable set of skills and fitness should be able to participate.

  • Entries Open

    Entries are closed.

  • More Info

    Visit urge3peaks.co.nz/enduro/ for more information.

  • Getting There

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