Video: Ride Rotorua Top Ten Trails #4 – Huckleberry Hound

Words by Flow | Images by Graeme Murray, Damian Breach

This combination of trails must easily be one of the most popular link ups in the whole forest. Huckleberry Hound and Little Red Riding Huck dish up a dizzying flow of playful jumps and berms that just keep going until your face hurts from grinning.

Hit these two trails in combination back to back and you’re in for almost 100 jumps over 4.4km, an uncountable number of berms and a bunch of signposted drops for good measure too. The whole shebang is so easy to shuttle too; the trail head is right at the Southstar Shuttle drop off and you roll out about 50m from the pick up point. Perfect.

It’s the kind of trail you can enjoy on any bike too, nearly all the jumps are rollable, and the grip is absurd. Fearless local pinner Keegan showed us how it’s done, hunting us down with his wild style, throwing everything into it as he whipped and scrubbed every lip.


Young pinner.


Old dogs.


And this is where Keegan caught us. And passed us. In the air.


Style for miles.

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Flow_Web_Feature_Top10Trails_Huckleberry-c2 Flow_Web_Feature_Top10Trails_Huckleberry-21 A worms view of a mountain biker on the Huckleberry Huck trail, Rotorua, NZ. Flow_Web_Feature_Top10Trails_Huckleberry-25 Flow_Web_Feature_Top10Trails_Huckleberry-27