Awaba Mountain Bike Park
Cooranbong, NSW

At a Glance

Trail Overview

Fire road

Riding Styles

Cross Country


Green (Easy) Blue (More difficult) Black (Very difficult)


Trails are well marked

Best Time to ride

All year round

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Awaba Mountain Bike Park, on the NSW central coast is the home of the ┬áHunter Mountain Bike Association.┬áThe park is within easy drive of Sydney or Newcastle. It’s a must-do; there’s a fantastic, 12km well-marked cross country loop that’s played home to countless races, and one of the wildest downhill tracks in Australia, over 3km with a good shuttle.

There’s parking for over 200 vehicles at the cross country trailhead.


Finding the Trail Head

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Around an hour and a half’s drive from Sydney, and perhaps half an hour from Newcastle.

To find the cross country trailhead:

Turn right off Mt Faulk Rd at Jenkins Rd (marked with a Mountain Bike Park sign). This is the XC trailhead and the finish for the DH track.

To find the top of the downhill track:

Follow Mt Faulk Rd up the hill past the signs to the trailhead. The DH trailhead isn’t marked with a sign yet, but there is a short road on your right where the club turns it’s shuttles around just past the Monkey Face Lookout road. The trail is just a few metres off the road on your right.


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