Bago Bluff
Bago, NSW

At a Glance

Trail Overview

Loop or Trail Network


Blue (More difficult) Black (Very difficult)

The trail head leads you up to to the top of Bago Bluff. This trail has approximately 300m fall in elevation in a five to six minute trail(depending on ability).

You start on singletrack following the ridge of the Bluff and drop down though very steep tight technical singletrack that is loose with some good jumps and berms to wash off speed. It then goes into more open fast singletrack with high speed jumps and finishes with twisty flowy forest singletrack back to the trailhead.

Finding the Trail Head

Flow Nation

Find the Wauchope Cemetery and follow The Paddock Road to the pin on the map. From here find the single track off the southern side of the fireroad. Follow this trail heading south tracking directly up the mountain. You will find signs ‘Bago Downhill MTB Trail’ You will eventually come out on the top of the mountain near Lookout Road on the first peak west of the tower on Bago Bluff