Beechworth Mountain Bike Park
Beechworth, VIC

At a Glance

Trail Overview

Dirt Jumps / Pump Track

Riding Styles

XC / Trail


Green (Easy) Blue (More difficult) Black (Very difficult) Double Black (Extremely difficult)

The Beechworth Mountain Bike Park is a compact area with a great mix of flowing to challenging, rocky singletrack. There’s a 10km full cross country loop plus a short course DH trail (easily shuttleable with a 2WD vehicle) plus some jumps.

Finding the Trail Head

Flow Nation
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There are ‘Mountain Bike Park’ road signs from High Street in the middle of Beechworth directing people to the trailhead. If you have a map you can find the MTB Park on the corner of Alma and Greenwattle Roads in Beechworth (2.5km from the centre of town).