Blue Tier Descent
Poimena, TAS

At a Glance

Trail Overview

Fire road

Riding Styles

XC / Trail


Blue (More difficult) Black (Very difficult)

Starting from the old mining town of Poimena (it had a school and many pubs) you head West Down the old Pomiena road and into the thick myrtle forest, expect wet feet. At approx 4.5km Turn left and hook in for a short descent, creek crossings begin here, expect wet knees. at the totalised 10km mark turn left to head to weldbrough, you have a pinch of a climb here so settle in for a bit of a pedal, those who brought the downhill bike will be pushing. Once you reach the top its all firetrail downhill to the pub, enjoy!

Weldbrough Pub is a micro brew specialist with great food, warm fire and cold beers. If you are staying the showers are well earned. Get on Garmin connect and you will be able to find a GPX file someone has uploaded. This ride is able to be shuttled and 2-3 runs in a day is perfectly achievable if your organised. There is 30-35km of new bonkerd good singletrack planned for this area in the next 12-18 months so WATCH THIS SPACE!

Finding the Trail Head

Flow Nation

From Scottsdale head east on the Tasman Highway to Weldbrough. From the pub it is 6.6km to the Lottah road turnoff on the left, turn left. Ccontinue 7.8km in the bush to Lottah and turn left onto Poimena road and continue for 3.7km to the old Poimena township (nothing is left but some foundations), there is a carpark and some information boards here. Beware there roads are dual direction and very narrow in spots, care should be used as you may damage your bike. This ride is able to be shuttled