Bluff Hill/Motopohue Trails
Bluff, Southland

At a Glance

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Trail Overview


Riding Styles

Cross Country


Blue (More difficult) Black (Very difficult) Double Black (Extremely difficult)

Trails Maps Available From:

Trail Head
Local Bike Shop


Trails are well marked

Mobile Coverage


The Motopohue trails feature cross country and downhill courses on iconic Bluff Hill/Motopohue. Both the cross country and downhill courses where used for the 2013 NZ Mountain BIke Cup with the 7.5km cross country track proving a favourite amongst competitors.


Finding the Trail Head

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From Bluff township follow the sign pointing up to Bluff Hill. At the base of the hill are carparks for the cross country trails on Pearce Street and on the left of Flagstaff Road is the downhill carpart. The drop-in for the downhill is from the carpark at the top of the hill on the south side of the lookout.


Nearby Bike Shops

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