Bobbin Head track
North Turramurra, NSW

At a Glance

Trail Overview

Fire road

Riding Styles

XC / Trail


Green (Easy)

Bobbin Head track is wide fire trail for its entire length. Great for newbies and kids, but if you fall into either of these two categories make sure you stop before it heads downhill. Open to the sky for the first couple of kays and then covered by tree canopies for the last half. First two thirds or more is hard packed sand and small stones. Flat to extremely mild gradient.

Last third is grey dirt and also heads downhill and gets very steep. More and larger stones/rocks as it winds down. Increased erosion the further you go down makes it an increasingly lively ride at what can be a fair bit of speed if you’re brave. A series of large water bars on the first of the downhill sections makes for a wild ride if you can stay off the brakes.

Unfortunately, what flies down must crawl back up. There is a cafĂ©, small shop, toilets and BBQ facilities at the parkland and marina below if you want to hike-a-bike for a few hundred metres for the last bit down to water level. At least there’s supposed to be a walkable trail, but I’ve not found it yet. Beautiful place for a picnic.

Finding the Trail Head

Flow Nation

The trailhead is just inside the national park after you go past the ranger’s hut at the corner of Bobbin Head Road and Sir Frederick Scherger Drive. There are usually lots of roadies on the tarmac as it’s a great stretch of road for climbers. There are a few scraggly bits of fire trail that can lead you astray, but aim straight ahead from the start and you should be OK.

From where you start you can see the entry to the Sphinx walking track ahead and to the right. This can be in addition to or instead of the Bobbin Head trail. You can ride the Sphinx walking track from the point it becomes fire trail, but not the start of it around the monument. That part is walkers only and stepped at the start so not bike friendly anyway. The fire trail gets very steep very quickly and can be an “interesting” downhill run, but a very long steep climb (walk) back up.