Caleys Reserve
St Ives Chase, NSW

At a Glance

Trail Overview

Fire road

Riding Styles

XC / Trail


Blue (More difficult)

The Kuringai Council cycling map shows this trail very clearly. It is also visible in the satellite view on Google, but not marked in map view. This trail as a good addition to a longer ride rather than a ride in itself.

When you start at Phillip Road it is a hoot when going downhill, but any of the two available trails out on the Mona Vale Road side are brutal climbs. Unless you are specifically here for climbing practice best used as a transition trail between ridge tops.

From Phillip Road the trail is mostly down, down, down into the valley with some gravelly bits, some rocky bits and some concrete. This is a trail blue mostly for the gradients. There are a few sketchy sections, but nothing beyond riders with a little bit of experience and some confidence.

Once you start to climb out of the valley you will quickly have the choice of going left or heading around to the right. Left is the much longer section that joins up with the Kuringai wildflower gardens bitumen trail. Right heads up to Kitchener Street and on to Mona Vale Road. Neither are pleasant so choose you poison depending on where you’re heading to next.

Finding the Trail Head

Flow Nation

At the end of Phillip Road go straight ahead for a very short distance, but immediately look to your right and scan for the start of the trail. It is quite grassy and easy to miss, but quickly gets rough and gravelly as it starts to wind down the hill.

At the end of Phillip Road, when looking for the start of the trail, do not go straight ahead and then veer left even though that initially looks like the better candidate for a trail. It takes you behind a row of houses further along the ridge for about 100m and there is nowhere to go except double back.