Cowan Track
Ku-Ring-Gai Chase, NSW

At a Glance

Trail Overview

Fire road

Riding Styles

XC / Trail


Green (Easy)

The gate at the trailhead is there to keep the horses out so pick up your bike and walk it through. Cowan Track is just under 2km each way so is normally ridden in conjunction with either Long Track or Perimeter Trail or both. The terrain is reasonably flat with only a few short climbs or descents in either direction. The track ends in a small loop and the shrubs and trees usually block most of the view as you are still some way from the end of the ridgeline. Try Long Track if you want to sit on a rock ledge and gaze at the waters below.

The fire trail is mainly eroded sandstone with a few small sandy patches and fairly hard-packed dirt. There is some clay and some exposed flat rock although not as much as other trails in the area. The attraction of Cowan Track is that it provides a pleasant, safe ride for beginners or the less experienced who want to jump off and walk the few sketchy, short rocky climbs and descents. For the more adventurous newbies it provides a good training ground on those same climbs and descents. Short enough out and back that fitness doesn’t need to be an issue, but still a quick, fun blast for experienced riders.

Finding the Trail Head

Flow Nation

There is plenty of roadside parking near the corner of Mallawa Road and Bulara St. Ride down Bulara and turn right at Cullamine Road to get you to the start of the Perimeter Trail (see also trailhead instructions for Perimeter Trail) as it is the gateway to a few others such as Cowan Track and Long Track.

About 700m from the start of Perimeter Trail is a junction on the fire trail where you turn left on to Long Track, sometimes shown as Cowan Track depending on the map. Google says Cowan at this point, but Kuringai cycling map and most locals say Long Track. Pretty sure the sign says Long Track so that’s the tie breaker. About another 800m along on the left is a large gate and that is the start of Cowan proper.