Craigburn Farm Shared-Use Trail Network
Craigburn Farm, SA

At a Glance

Trail Overview

Fire road

Riding Styles

XC / Trail


Green (Easy) Blue (More difficult) Black (Very difficult)

The 20km of beautifully built trails were constructed by local trail builder and ex-National DH champion, Garry Patterson and his crew at TrailScapes. The trails have been carefully designed to get the maximum amount of trail and challenge into the area, with some cracking descents, challenging climbs and fun bermed flow trails following the lay of the land. All the trails have been designed to be ridden in both directions and built with optional A & B-lines throughout, so they are suitable for most beginner/intermediate riders. There are also some difficult lines and long doubles for experienced riders with the speed and eye to spot them.

A series of trails cut into a gentle hill face. While the trails are reasonably short, they can easily be linked together for a decent ride. Make sure you don’t miss “Craigburms”. Remember that the trails are shared use, so you occasionally come across walkers.

The following information has been quoted from the above site… (Thanks to Ian from Escapegoat)

Finding the Trail Head

Flow Nation

The Craigburn Farm trails work as an excellent add-on to the popular City of Mitcham trails, and other trails in Sturt Gorge Recreation Park, which should be formally opened to riders in the future.

The trails are accessible by bike, car or train (a 20 minute train ride from Adelaide Railway Station to Coromandel Valley Railway Station then a 5 minute ride to Craigburn main trailhead). The trailhead itself is adjacent a closed section of Craigburn Road however you can park 500m away at the Blackwood Football Club and roll to the start.

The easiest route from the city is out on South Road, up Shepherds Hill road to the Blackwood roundabout, take a right down Coromandel Parade and another right at Cumming St. From there follow your nose as this becomes Craigburn Road. Park on the street or in the football club carpark and follow the signs through the boom gate. Follow this road for about 500m as it skirts the new housing development and the main trailhead should be visible in the paddock on your left.