Croesus Track
Blackball, West Coast

At a Glance

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Trail Overview


Riding Styles

Cross Country


Blue (More difficult)


Trails are well marked

Mobile Coverage


The awesome singletrack out-and-back trail has an achievable gradient with long rideable uphill sections; it is rocky and semi-technical in places and can be difficult and slippery to ride in very wet conditions. When you reach the Ces Clark hut the view’s are magnificent and the ride back down is phenomenal.


Finding the Trail Head

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The Croesus track is accessed by travelling through the town of Blackball. If you’re feeling fit, park up in town to begin your ride, or carry on driving through town towards the Roa Mine. Turn right onto a steep gravel road, which ends at the Smome-ho car park. The ride begins here up to Ces Clark hut and follows a very well preserved miner’s track that is excellent for mountain biking.


Nearby Bike Shops

  • Greymouth or Westport

Nearby Places to Eat/Drink

  • Blackball Hilton