Dracophyllum Flat
Craigieburn, Canterbury

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Riding Styles

XC / Trail


Blue (More difficult)

The Dracophyllum Flat Track runs for approx. 5km between the Broken River and Cheeseman skifield roads and links up with the Texas Flat end of the Hogs Back Track.

At its northern end, the track is accessed from Jacks Pass on the Broken River skifield road. From Jacks Pass the track descends steadily through beech forest down (~140m descent) to Broken River (now crossed by a new footbridge). From the river bed the route then climbs up steeply (~50 m ascent) to reach Dracophylum Flat.

After an easy crossing of Dracophyllum Flat the track re-enters the bush and traverses crossing several small streams. Once through the bush, the track traverses a tussock areas and bush before descending to Tim Stream. This is currently a ford before climbing to Texas Flat on the Cheeseman Ski field access Road where you can link onto the Hogs Back track. A quick video of some of the building and riding of the track in March 2013 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z9VxnQdo_nk

Finding the Trail Head

Flow Nation

Castle Hill Basin is located in the Canterbury high country at an altitude of 700m approximately 90km northwest of Christchurch. It lies between the Torlesse and Craigieburn mountain ranges and is characterised by its distinctive limestone rock formations. Drive from Christchurch towards Arthurs Pass on Highway 73. Dracophyllum is best accessed from Castle Hill village after riding the Hogs Back Track. Alternatively it can be accessed from Jacks Pass on the Broken River ski field access road or from Texas Flat on the Mt Cheeseman ski field access road.