Dungog Common MTB
Tabbil Creek, NSW

At a Glance

Trail Overview


Riding Styles

XC / Trail


Green (Easy) Blue (More difficult) Black (Very difficult)

Tight, technical, rocky singletrack. Plenty of climbs and a section of 18 switchbacks in a single climb. The climbs arent all that bad, especially with the descent that awaits. Some of the flowiest, fun descents in the hunter valley. Don’t be fooled by the cows though, there is more rock hidden in the grass than cow pats and you dont want to be off the main line.

The trail is located on the Dungog Common. These trail are well maintained by the local trail builders. There is quite a bit of climbing here so don’t expect an easy ride. But there is a reward for climbing up the hills because the downhills are awesome. There are lots rocky section on the trail which will keep you on your toes but you don’t need to be Jason English to ride over them. The trail length ranges from about 8-12km depending on which tracks you pick. While your riding watch out for cows that may be standing on track!

There is a 4km, 8km and 12km loop at last visit with new sections added regularly (loop length may be completely accurate).

Finding the Trail Head

Flow Nation

The marker on the map is one option for parking and the trail head starts just up the fire road (50m) from the gate/cattle grid on the right. This part of the trail runs alongside the fire road until it crosses the road at the 2nd parking option. From here you can either head up the gully (leftish) on the 4km loop or to the rightish in the same direction as the fire road, up the 8 and 12km options.

There are two loops which are labeled with a Orange or a White arrow.

Not alot of the trail is marked but if you follow the main used trail then you’ll probably end up back at the car (eventually). They had marked the trail junctions as “easier” and “harder” but there are still alot of junctions that have nothing.

Pretty hard to get lost out there though. The whole common is pretty open (basically a cow paddock) and it’s fairly easy to work out were you are, because from the top of most of the climbs you can see dungog.