Eskdale, Hawke's Bay

At a Glance

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Trail Overview

Fire road

Riding Styles

Cross Country


White (Easiest) Green (Easy) Blue (More difficult) Black (Very difficult)

Trails Maps Available From:

Information Centre
Local Bike Shop


Trails are well marked

Entry Fee

Membership needed, or 3 week pass

Mobile Coverage


Mountain bike park just outside of Napier. Run by the HBMTBC.”Waipunga” and “Tait” blocks are being logged in the coming years, so a new park, “Mill Block”, is being established right next to it behind the power plant.

Most trails are rugged to an extent, with some grooming, however some trails are neglected so rough and some are refined very well.


Finding the Trail Head

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Keep following SH2 north out of Napier, until you see the Mountain bike park sign just past (1km) the Napier/Taupo road.

The new block however is even further up SH2, and is behind the power mill. There is clear signaage.


Nearby Bike Shops