Golden Jubilee Oval - Jubes Mountain Bike Park
North Wahroonga, NSW

At a Glance

Trail Overview

Dirt Jumps / Pump Track
Fire road

Riding Styles

Jumps / Pump Track
XC / Trail


Green (Easy)

This purpose-built facility is located at the back of Golden Jubilee Fields off Esk Street in Wahroonga. It has three distinct areas:

  • Skill development – designed to help riders improve off-road cycling with rock, wood and narrow sections
  • Pump track – easy, medium and difficult levels to encourage the rider to use their upper body to ‘pump’ through the course
  • Single track – 800 metres of track that meanders up and down the hillside

The majority of the surface is wide fire trail with some concrete on steep sections. There are some short sections with loose stones, the occasional skinny tree branch, but mostly mildly bumpy, gritty eroded sandstone and clay “dirt”.

From the trailhead to drop down into the valley and then wind your way out again. The tougher climbs (descents naturally become climbs when you turn around)are concreted to prevent erosion and they are now just hard grinds rather than technical challenges. You will find new baby-head rocks poking out of those climbs that have not been concreted after a heavy rain storm so keep your eyes open.

There is a hidden single and double track section that runs along the ridge just down the slope from Bobbin Head Road between Stonecrop Road and McRae Place. Google doesn’t show it, but Kuringai Council cycling map does. This is a great way to create a loop to then head back to Jubes from the McRae Place trailhead.

Good trail for those with confidence, but less experience through to very experienced. A couple of slopes that are not for newbies as the gradient and slightly unstable surface don’t provide a great footing if you need to step off.

More information can be found here.

Finding the Trail Head

Flow Nation

The trailhead is at the end of the sealed road that winds through the Golden Jubilee sports ovals. Plenty of parking there. Once you pass the rural fire station on your right you can just about see the trailhead.

At the trail is the recently upgraded “Jubes” mountain bike park. You can go left for an 8 km return trip (if you do a small section of the Gibberagong track) or right for as long as your legs can carry you towards St Ives and Terry Hills if you start linking other trails.