Great Lake Trail
Kinloch, Waikato

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Riding Styles

XC / Trail


Blue (More difficult)

The beautiful Great Lake Trail follows the western shore of Lake Taupō, New Zealand’s largest lake. The trail offers enjoyable biking through native forest where you can enjoy dramatic and stunning views across Lake Taupō to Tongariro National Park. It can be ridden in all seasons including winter as the track’s pumice soil surface means that even in wet weather there is normally little or no mud on the trail.

Riders have the option of riding the full trail over 2 – 3 days or opt for a range of shorter rides depending on their level of experience and the time available. This sweet trail is two way and shared with walkers.

Finding the Trail Head

Flow Nation

W2K& Headland Loop: Whakaipo Bay
K2K: Kinloch
Orakau: Whangamata Road
Waihaha: Waihaha River Carpark