Lake Crackenback Resort and Thredbo Diggings Trails
Crackenback, NSW

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The trails at Lake Crackenback Resort are a purpose built single track network that surrounds the main resort and links into the trails around Thredbo Diggings, providing a number of different loops, distance and difficulty options along the Thredbo River.

Most of these trails are intermediate level, however the main Thredbo Valley Trail is a mostly broad easy trail with limited gradient or climbing. The Thredbo River track and Muzzlewood trails are more challenging, with narrow single track, some rocky and technical areas, but generally these trails are still easy to ride.

There is not a lot of difference in height between the lowest and highest points, which makes riding at this altitude much easier than other areas in the mountains and as the trails are generally quite smooth, it means you can clock up the Kms with out to much effort.

All up the trails at Lake Crackenback Resort have over 10kms of single track, a pump track and skills area, including a mini flow line. The Thredbo Diggings Trails offer another 6+km of trails between the three trail options and can be linked onto the full length of the Thredbo Valley Trail (TVT). A trail that follows the Thredbo River Valley from Thredbo Village to Lake Crackenback Resort. This trail is set for completion in 2014 and is planned to continue past Lake Crackenback Resort to Lake Jindabyne in the near future.

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Finding the Trail Head

Flow Nation

To enter these trails you can either begin at Lake Crackenback Resort, which is 16km west of Jindabyne, on the Alpine Way (road to Thredbo). The Resort is on the right hand side of the road and is well sign posted with a large stone wall entry way. Enter this road and park near the reception building (200m on the right). Sign in with reception before using the trails. They have trail maps and trail information at reception.


Continue past Lake Crackenback Resort and enter Koscuiszko National Park, Turn Right off the Alpine Way and into Thredbo Diggings camp area. The trails start on the right, just before the camping area. There are drop toilets in the camping area and some signage at the trail head.