Penguin Mountain Bike Park
Penguin, TAS

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Just in case you have been living in cave for the last couple of months, Penguin is now home to a very unique style of MTB park.

Although there is only around 4km of trails what it lacks in quantity it certainly makes up for with quality, plus more trails are being built. The trails snake their way around a disused asphalt speedway, twisting and turning in every direction. The highlight of the park are the creative wooden structures including a corkscrew bridge, a couple of massive berms and some skills sections. The wooden structures are amazing and punters will often ride them over and over again with glee. If you have not ridden these trails before you will love it. So much fun packed into such a small space.

Finding the Trail Head

Flow Nation

Carpark is at the map pin.

Carry your bike over the gate and find the old speedway trail. There is a short fire road runs east / west above the southern end of the speedway. Make you way to the eastern end of this for the start of the main trail. There is also a short but very cool trail further south on the southern side of the skid pan.