Perimeter Trail
Duffys Forest, NSW

At a Glance

Trail Overview

Fire road

Riding Styles

XC / Trail


Green (Easy)

Starting from the Mallawa Road end of Perimeter Trail is preferred by some as it provides access to a number of other trails that you may choose to do first before heading along Perimeter to Nerang Ave and then back up Booralie Road. Perimeter is reasonably flat with only some small, short climbs and descents in either direction making the choice of start point primarily one of convenience.

Perimeter is about 7km one way and the surface is mainly eroded sandstone and brown dirt. There is some clay and a few sandy patches, but nothing that presents any issue in the dry. On some of the climbs or descents there are loose or exposed rocks after heavy rain has eroded the slope and this may present a challenge to the less fit or inexperienced riders. There are many small patches of reasonably flat, exposed rock just above the surface that offer the chance to liven up the ride by either dodging them or popping off them.

If you don’t want to ride the trail all the way to Nerang Ave you can get back on to Booralie Road via Durumbil Road near the Christian school or a bit further along at Booligal Road. The trail offers its best riding between the trail head at Mallawa and Bolligal, but it’s a shame not to see it through and add a few more kays to your daily ride.

All-in-all a longish, but fun ride for the less experienced or a solid fast thrash for the fit and experienced. There are a couple of tracks that branch off Perimeter, but some are walking only or otherwise not legal for riding so read the signs!

Finding the Trail Head

Flow Nation

Plenty of roadside parking is available at the end of Mallawa Road near the corner of Bulara Street. Jump on your bike and head a few hundred metres down Bulara Street and turn right at the junction with Cullamine Road. By now you are on dirt and in another 50 metres or so you’ll be at the start of the Perimeter Trail.

There are a few less inviting starting points at the end of Mallawa Road and the end of Cullamine Road, but if you take them by accident they should all end up on Perimeter Trail within a few hundred metres so no big deal. Perimeter is also the start of some other major fire trails so watch the signs early on.

An alternative start point is Nerang Ave in Terrey Hills and a lot of the local riders start from there as it is close to shops and other meeting points. Regardless of which direction you choose, Booralie Road provides a comfortable road ride back to the car if you don’t fancy doubling back on the trail.