Quarry Road Track
Hornsby, NSW

At a Glance

Trail Overview

Fire road

Riding Styles

XC / Trail


Blue (More difficult)

I decided to ride this trail (on a 32 degree Summer’s day because I’m an idiot) as I’d seen some video and it looked like it might be a firetrail with some character. That is, not too technically challenging for the newbie I was at the time, but a good gradient (read steeeeeeep!) for a fun ride down into the valley. Unfortunately, I didn’t put too much thought into the need to climb back out again. I blame the video. That featherweight kid was doing it far too easy now that I have the benefit of hindsight.

If you ride to Quarry Rd at Dural and back it’s about a 13Km return trip. As an alternative or an addition you can take the turn off to Galston Road about half way along. There is a toilet and what appears to be a small camping ground near the Galston Rd turn off.

From the trailhead you have a short ride on flat ground before it literally dives downward for about 1.5Km. If you’ve got the bike and the bravery it can be a hell of a ride and there are plenty of water bars to make sure you’re focused. Trail surface is mostly clay and eroded sandstone that is endemic to the area. Can be mucky if its been raining recently as the tree cover along the lower half makes sure it stays damp. This is in contrast to the start of the ride that is wide open to the sky and a scorcher on a hot, sunny day.

At the bottom of the valley is a wide bridge and it marks your opportunity to take stock and decide whether you really want to go on. You’ve got about 3 and a bit Km of climbing up some pretty steep gradients complete with more water bars before you get to about 1.5KM of flat to mild gradient as you approach Quarry Rd.

Turn around and do it all in reverse if you need to get back to Stewart Ave. I did a lot of walking that day as I definitely bit off more than I could chew. With a bit more fitness I will go back one day to test my climbing skills and see how long I can stay on the bike before I start to cry like a newborn.

In short, great trail for those doing climbing training or the very fit wanting to show off to their mates. I reckon it would be pure gold to see whether the enduro bike your LBS convinced you to buy really does climb as well as the sales guys said 🙂

Finding the Trail Head

Flow Nation

Trailhead is at the end of Stewart Ave and is the entry to the Berowra Valley regional park. It’s a very quiet street so parking should not be an issue, but respect the residents as you are literally on their doorstep.

If you can hear gunfire you are probably in the right place as the Hornsby shooting range is just to your left as you look at the trailhead.