Singleton MTB Track
Maison Dieu, NSW

At a Glance

Trail Overview


Riding Styles

XC / Trail


Green (Easy) Blue (More difficult)

The trails are very flat, there are no steep bits at all but there is enough climbing to make the downhills fun and fast.

The downhills have nice sweeping corners and there is also quite a few log jumps which you can easily roll over. The trails are very fast and it is quite easy for an average rider to average 19-20kmh. You will find 99% hard pack with a few sandy section, also located on a travelling stock route so watch out for cows, cow poo and kangaroos.

Finding the Trail Head

Flow Nation

The trail head is on Maison Dieu Rd, just near the 100km/h sign on the right, there is a small car park area and a set of steps to climb over the fence. Once you walk of the stairs you are at the beginning of the trail.

From there it goes in a clockwise direction.