Terramerragal Reserve
North Turramurra, NSW

At a Glance

Trail Overview

Fire road

Riding Styles

XC / Trail


Green (Easy)

Google doesn’t show it very well even in satellite view, but Kuringai Council cycling map does. The trail quickly begins to drop away into the valley and can be a very quick ride if you’re handy over large water bars. If you plan on getting two wheels off the ground make sure you watch how the trail turns ahead of you. It is wide fire trail, but you could just about start on one side of the trail and land on the edge of the other if you take a jump without paying attention. Watch out for walkers.

After only a couple of minutes without any real pedalling you arrive at the bottom and cross a small creek via a wide strip of concrete. There is a small, but steep rise and then you can turn left or right. Left takes you up a steep 40m concrete section to the Darri track which eventually becomes walking only. The rideable section is worth doing to add some distance to the ride and also takes you to Kapiti and Waipori Streets if you want to exit at that point. Or you can double back.

A note on the Darri track. Even if you aren’t paying attention to the signs it is pretty easy to tell when it is walking only. You can’t ride it. Better to exit at Waipori Street if you want to get out at that end of the trail. It’s a longer ride with a lot more bitumen to the next section of trail, but that’s life.

Turning right takes you along some varied terrain that is challenging enough to be fun for experienced riders and a good stretch of fire trail for less experienced riders to practice some skills such as short, mildly technical climbs. There are a couple of small creek crossings where you may get your tyres damp and some sections that are nice and smooth.

Terrmerragal Reserve can be ridden as an extension of a ride starting at Golden Jubilee MTB park. Exiting that trail at Gwyder Ave or Stonecrop Road and then riding down Bobbin Head Road to Glengarry Ave. If you exit Terramerragal at Bedford Ave you can ride along Burns Road for a little bit to get to the McRae Place trailhead and ride that trail back to Jubes to make a nice loop.

Finding the Trail Head

Flow Nation

Trailhead is just beyond the end of Glengarry Road, at the side of someone’s yard. Just look for the boom gate perpendicular to a tall wooden fence. This marks the start of the fire trail.