The Steps of Girriba Camp Ground
Bindera, NSW

At a Glance

Trail Overview

4X / BMX track
Dirt Jumps / Pump Track

Riding Styles

Jumps / Pump Track
XC / Trail


Green (Easy) Blue (More difficult) Black (Very difficult) Double Black (Extremely difficult)

The tracks at The Steps consist of a 3.5km cross country loop, pump track, and downhill track (currently under construction).

The tracks have been designed for us by schools groups and weekend public clients.

Finding the Trail Head

Flow Nation

Before heading out to the camp ground be sure to check into the office at 126 Thunderbolts Way, Gloucester NSW 2422 – ring ahead to make sure you will be allowed onsite (02) 6558 2093.

The track is right on the Barrington River so make sure to bring your simmers and kayaks as well.