Tyrolean Village
Jindabyne, NSW

At a Glance

Trail Overview


Riding Styles

XC / Trail


Green (Easy) Blue (More difficult) Black (Very difficult) Double Black (Extremely difficult)

The Tyrolean trails are a mix of old and newly built trails. The main trail is part of the planned Lake Jindabyne Trail (Mill Creek Trail) and links Jindabyne township with Tyrolean Village. This trail is a mostly bench cut, contouring trail, designed to be suitable for less skilled riders and will eventually continue around the Lake to offer over 80kms of single track and link the community areas of Lake Jindabyne.

The other trails at Tyrolean Village are a mix of technical cross country and freeride trails that offer riders a range of more advanced riding features. If you like rocky, technical, narrow hand cut trails, rock drops, tight switchback turns, challenging trail features and jumps, then the Tyrolean trails are for you.

The older Tyrolean trails are some of the more challenging in the Jindabyne area and can be combined with the Lake Jindabyne Trail to create numerous trail loop possibilities of varying degrees of difficulty. These trails are maintained by members of the Jindabyne Mountain Bike Club that volunteer their time to clear the trails each spring for summer riding.

The numbered sign posts along the main Lake Jindabyne Trail (Mill Creek Trail) indicate trail junctions with the older trails in the network, some signage is in place, naming the trails intersections, but not all trails are marked.

Finding the Trail Head

Flow Nation

You can get to these trails a number of ways: First from Jindabyne by bike: The Lake Jindabyne Trail begins at the bottom of Cobbin Crescent near Poo Bay (a trail sign indicates where you are). This easy trail takes riders out to Jindabyne Dam wall and the southern end of the Tyrolean trails begin at the eastern side of the dam.
From Jindabyne by car: Follow the Koscuiszko Road towards Cooma (east of Jindabyne). Cross over the dam wall and park on the dirt “pull-over” area on the left of the road (just before the next right turn). A trail sign indicates where you are and you can ride onto the trails from there.
Continue driving along Kosciuszko Road and turn left into Rainbow Drive towards Tyrolean Vilage. Follow Rainbow Drive for 250m (aprox) and park on the left of the road near the Trail head sign (parking for 2 or 3 cars). If you can’t park here there is parking at the top of the intersection with Kosciuszko Road or further down towards Tyrolean Village.

Maps of the trails are available from www.rollingground.com.au