Wharfedale - Mt Oxford Forest
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At a Glance

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Trail Overview


Riding Styles

Cross Country


Blue (More difficult)


Trails are well marked

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From the main car park, it is a mostly steady climb along a single track through the beech forest. There are plenty of streams to cross, but in dry weather it is mostly all ridable. There are some steep sections where the streams cross over the track, and lots of tree roots to negotiate. There is one downhill section before climbing back up to the saddle, parts of which are rocky and steep.

Once you get up to the saddle, the last section is a quick downhill run to the hut.


Finding the Trail Head

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Allow about 1 hour to travel from Christchurch to Oxford. Once in Oxford, carry on through for about 3kms before turning right onto Woodstock Road. A further 10kms, turn off at Ingrams Road where the Wharfdale Track is signposted. 1 km along there is a ford to cross, and if it has been wet you may have to park here. The main car park is a further 6kms up a steady climb.


Nearby Bike Shops

  • In Christchurch

Nearby Places to Eat/Drink

  • In Oxford