Whitsunday Great Walk (Even Better Ride)
Airlie Beach, QLD

At a Glance

Trail Overview


Riding Styles

XC / Trail


Black (Very difficult)

Conway National Park is home to the Whitsunday Great Walk; a 28km point-to-point multi-purpose trail open to mountain bikers and hikers.

The Whitsunday Great Walk has something for everyone!!

From the Brandy Creek end you can ride the green (grade 2) trails down to Impulse creek – this includes the Wompoo track (map reference 8). All up there is 10km of green trail. This trail is suited to those looking for some fast, flowing fun! Take it easy on the way in as there are many swift corners and hidden creek crossings with large exposed rocks providing a thrilling and fun ride.

Continuing on past Impulse Creek moves into blue (grade 3) trail for 2km; take care crossing the creek, stick to the mesh as the crossing can be very slippery and only cross if the water level is safe.

Many riders turn around here and head back to the car park.

At the footbridge the trail moves into black (grade 4) trail. If you continue on from here be prepared: the trail is remote, water is available but should be treated and mobile access is limited. However, for those that dare to venture on, the rewards are sweet with fantastic single-track flowing through the pristine Conway National Park all the way into Airlie Beach.

If you’re looking for maximum grade 4 fun in minimum time – we suggest the Honey Eater Lookout.
This trail turns off the main trail, it is 4km from the trail head to the top of the lookout.

Take lots of water – there are water tanks on the trail but it should be treated before drinking. Insect repellant is also recommended.

Always let someone know where you are and when you expect to be back, be aware of other trail users heading in both directions; a safe ride is a fun one!

Track is often closed during February & March (wet season)

Finding the Trail Head

Flow Nation

You can start at either end.
The trailhead in Airlie Beach is found at the top of Kara Crescent. The best advice is to use your smart-phone to get you to the top of Kara Crescent, then look for the brown stairs on the right 50m up a driveway near the dead end. These stairs are the official start point (but most of us keep riding up the driveway past the gate that says private property and climb up the bitumen to the communication towers, then take the goat-track on the right and follow it to meet the main trail. Head up – there is a lot of climbing on this track.

Finding the trail at the other end is much easier. 10km out of Airlie Beach (on the road towards Proserpine) take a left onto Brandy Creek Road – this is a 4km gravel access road – keep following it uphill to the car park. Here you will see plenty of signage and the beginning of the trail.