Fox Fork Seal and Lube Change

Words by Chris Southwood | Images by Chris Southwood

Don’t be afraid of overhauling your own suspension. It’s surprisingly easy to give your Fox Float forks a pull-down, change the seals and pop in some fresh lubricating oil. Simon Glanville from Fox show you how. [private]

What you’ll need:

  • Time! Don’t rush these things, especially if it’s your first try. Servicing your suspension after three beers at 11pm the night before a ride is sure to go wrong.
  • Fox Float fork seal kit – these are available from most good bike shops and don’t cost the earth.
  • Fox fork oil – it’s best to use the genuine Fox stuff.
  • Some kind of light suspension grease. We recommend Slick Honey or Slickoneum.
  • A bucket to catch the old oil.
  • 2mm Allen key.
  • A 10mm socket, preferably attached to a torque wrench.
  • A big, open-ended ring spanner (to remove the old seals).
  • A syringe or funnel to get the new fork oil into the fork.
  • Clean, lint-free rags.
  • Some kind of alcohol cleaner to get rid of all the old oil residue.
  • A hammer.
  • A soft piece of ‘drift’ – can be a piece of dowel or similar, just tap the damper and air spring rods free from the bottom of the fork legs.

It’s up to you whether or not you perform this procedure with the fork in the bike or removed from the bike. NB. If you’re going to leave the fork in the bike, make sure the bike is cleaned and isn’t going to go drop big chunks of dirt into your fork!