Fresh Product: Finish Line Pedal and Cleat Lube

Words by Flow | Images by Flowtographer

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Finish Line Pedal and Cleat Lube


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This one is so fresh that it's not even listed on the Finish Line website. The new Finishline Pedal and Cleat Dry Film Lubricant is specifically designed to quieten down squeaky, dry or gritty clipless pedals, and makes for smoother entry and exit. Giving your pedals a squirt of lube to smoothen and quieten operation is pretty standard, but generally this treatment doesn't last long - water, mud and the friction of your cleats removes any lubrication pretty quickly. This is why Finish Line got in the chemical kitchen (meth lab) and whipped up this new concoction. Finish Line Pedal and Cleat 2 Formulated with DuPont Teflon, it leaves a tough, slick and dry film over your pedals and cleats. It's highly resistant to water and is difficult to scratch or scrape off, so it will keep your pedals quiet and smooth far longer than using regular chain lube. We're big fans of Shimano SPDs here at Flow, but they do become gritty and difficult to exit from in the dust (precisely what this lube is designed to combat), so we're particularly stoked to see this product available.