Fresh Product: Formula 35 fork

Words by Flow | Images by Flowtographer

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Formula 35 fork











While the FOX fork off our new Giant Trance Advance SX was off getting some work done, we thought we'd give something a little different a run up front.

Formula 35 fork-16

Formula are the Italian kings of deceleration, and to be honest we had no idea they now also produced suspension. But they do, and the new 35 fork is now in our possession and it looks to be very, very good. [caption id="attachment_69598" align="aligncenter" width="710"]Chubby legs, but such a low overall weight! Chubby legs, but such a low overall weight![/caption] With 35mm stanchions (the same diameter as the new Rockshox Pike), 160mm travel (internally adjustable in 20mm increments down to 120mm) and a variety of external damping controls, the 35 is targeted at the gravity enduro / all-mountain audience. We're testing the 27.5" version, but it's also available for 29ers too. [caption id="attachment_69599" align="aligncenter" width="710"]Fabricated amongst the olive groves. Allegedly. Fabricated amongst the olive groves. Allegedly.[/caption] The weight of this fork really struck us. It's incredibly light, weighing just 1748g including the axle and with an uncut steerer. That's about 400g lighter than the FOX 34 TALAS we've had on our bike previously (admittedly the Formula fork lacks any on-the-fly travel adjustment) and over 100g lighter than the claimed weight of an equivalent Rockshox Pike. [caption id="attachment_69602" align="aligncenter" width="710"]The axle requires the use of an Allen key, but it's super light and very clean. The axle requires the use of an Allen key, but it's super light and very clean.[/caption] Some of the weight savings do come at the expense of a quick-release axle, as the Formula fork uses a Syntace made X-15 axle system that requires an Allen key for removal, though a levered version is available too. It's hard to miss the awesome machine work of the damping adjusters located on the top of the right fork leg; these are the controls for compression, lockout and lockout threshold. Hopefully this intricate assembly proves resistant to gritty, muddy conditions. [caption id="attachment_69600" align="aligncenter" width="710"]Intricate. Will it survive in the mud? Intricate. Will it survive in the mud?[/caption] Fitting the Formula fork should bring our Giant down 12kg - that's impressive. We're looking forward to the experience of riding a fork from a new contender!