Fresh Product: Pivot Cycles 2014 Mach 6 #froth


Words by Flow | Images by Pivot

The Mach 6 isn’t like anything else in our line-up. Hell, it’s not quite like anything we’ve built before! It’s an all new machine designed from the ground up to optimize the 27.5” wheel platform and take the growing Enduro racing scene by storm. The Mach 6 is built with the singular purpose of going faster than anything else in the most aggressive terrain (both up and down).



Pivot Cycles, unashamedly a favourite here at Flow, have revealed their new machines for 2014. The one that has us hottest under the collar is the new Mach 6. [caption id="attachment_49183" align="aligncenter" width="590"]Pivot Mach 6 side 155mm-travel, mid-sized wheels, a big ol' rear shock - all bundled up in a frame that looks as good as any Pivot we've ridden before. #want[/caption] This beast isn't just a Mach 5.7 with 650B wheel shimmied in, but an entirely new bike built with all-mountain riding in mind. At 155mm of rear travel, we can't help but think it's going to steal a lot of the thunder away from the Firebird. Speaking of which, the Firebird has received the 650B treatment too, as well as coming equipped with an angle-adjustable headset to slacken the whole bike out and keep it in line with more modern frame geometries. Pivot's cross country hardtail, the LES - yes, they make a hardtail- is also available in a 650B option. We're not sure if we agree with this trend towards smaller wheels in cross country hardtail bikes yet. [caption id="attachment_49182" align="aligncenter" width="590"]Pivot Mach 6 detail Here you can see the new upper link arrangement, with the shock being driven by a separate link that runs on sealed bearings. Should be muchos smoothos.[/caption] Taking a closer look at the Mach 6 you can see a massive number of refinements carried forward from the closely related Mach 5.7 to make this frame more suited to all-mountain riding. The new Float X shock has been squeezed in and it's driven by an entirely new upper link assembly that does away with the need for eyelet bushings (similar to the system employed by Specialized and Lapierre) which increases both bump sensitivity and removes a wear point. With a chain stay length of 430mm the weight bias is definitely towards the rear wheel; it should descend like a mad bastard. There's internal routing for a dropper post too, to keep things nice and neat. [caption id="attachment_49181" align="aligncenter" width="590"]Pivot Mach 6 detail 2 The DW Link suspension is at the heart of the performance of Pivot bikes; these have always been remarkably efficient bikes. The system is also very laterally stiff too, so you can shove the bike around without any wiggle.[/caption] In Australia the Mach 6 will be available with three build kit, all suitably high-end; a Shimano XT/XTR option, an XO1 kit (with XO Trail brakes) or an XX1 option. This bike is right up our alley, we hope to have one on test very soon.