The Flow Nation Trail Database Is Here!

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Flow Mountain Bike is very happy to introduce Flow Nation, Flow's free online trail database! Check it out right here, or just click the Trails tab in the site navigation bar above. We love showing fellow mountain bikers new places to ride. We also love road trips and discovering new trails for the first time too. That's why we've built Flow Nation. [caption id="attachment_59300" align="aligncenter" width="590"]Use the filters to choose the style of riding and difficulty of trail you want to view, then click each trail to bring up more info! Use the filters to choose the style of riding and dificulty of trails you want to view, then click each trail to bring up more info![/caption] The Flow Nation trail database is where you can find new riding destinations - be they in your own backyard or across the country  - and share your favourite trails with others as well.


We want Flow Nation to become the ultimate guide to mountain biking across the region, but today Flow Nation is far from complete, we've added just a fraction of the trails out there. That's why we're calling on the mountain bike community to help us create the ultimate resource for all mountain bikers, a database that can benefit us all. If we're missing a riding destination (be it a cross country loop, downhill track, fire road epic or BMX track) please add it to the database. It literally takes just a couple of minutes to help grow Flow Nation, just click the red 'Are We Missing Something?' button on the Flow Nation page. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="590"]Flow Nation add a trail Are we missing a trail? Please add it! It only takes a minute and helps improve Flow Nation for your fellow mountain bikers.[/caption] Fill out the fields (the more information you can provide, the better) and hit submit. And please, keep it to sanctioned trails only! Over time, we'll be adding more functionality to Flow Nation, including the ability to add photos, GPX files and to edit destinations too. We hope you can see the potential of Flow Nation to improve the mountain bike experience for all us! If you have content you'd like to add - photos, video, maps etc - please get in touch. The more media and information we can include about a destination, the better it will be for all Flow Nation users.


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