Trails: Falls Creek opens new downhill flow trail

Words by Flow | Images by Falls Creek

For the past 2 years Falls Creek Resort Management has been busy at work bringing to life a dream shared by those who love the resort. In 2014 this dream is realised with the opening of the first 2 of 4 brand new mountain bike trails.

Under the commission of World Trail – the best bike trail builders in the business, months of development has joined years of planning to bring the new trails to completion.

The 2 intermediate cross country trials now open can be ridden as one big loop, the network consists of one riding uphill and one downhill. The trails are intersected by the Aqueduct trail which means you can ride each as a separate loop. Whilst classified as cross country, there are some great downhill features and corners to navigate at speed. There are some spectacular viewpoints along the way to stop and enjoy the picturesque surroundings.

An intermediate downhill trail will open by the Australia Day long weekend. Starting at the top of the Summit Chair (those familiar with Falls Creek in Winter, will know this well), the trail winds down under the Poma line before zig-zagging down Grand Coer ski run and cutting through Short & Curly to the base of the Summit Chair.

The 4th trail coming on line this summer is a 3rd intermediate cross country trail connecting the popular ‘Wishing Well’ spot to the Gully region at the base of the International Poma and Gully Chairlift at the entrance to the Resort.

A third party operator will shortly be commencing a downhill shuttle service, to take riders to the top of the trails together with offering bike hire options.

At this stage, Falls Creek Resort Management is two years into a four year mountain bike development project funded by the State Government of Victoria. Construction for stage three will commence this summer and be ready for us in 2014/15, ending in stage four operational by 2015/16. In total, 3 downhill and 11 cross country trails will be built in and amongst the Resorts ski runs.



Falls Creek is another Victorian Alpine area that has begun seriously investing in mountain biking with the assistance of the Victorian Government, and their efforts are beginning to show fruit. This summer Falls opens four new trails, all built by World Trail, part of their 11-trail master plan that will ultimately establish this gorgeous resort as yet another option for travelling mountain bikers in north-east Victoria. At this point we ask: 'NSW Government, are you paying attention?' The Victorian high country now has more places to ride than a blow up doll. Bright, Mt Buller, Beechworth, Mansfield, Mt Beauty now Falls Creek and Hotham is on the up too… plus plenty of others. This Australia Day long weekend, Falls lifts the lid on its latest trail - an intermediate 'flow' style descent that takes advantage of the chairlift. Check out this vid above shot just prior to the trail's completion. Even with a few of the key linking sections incomplete in this vid, it still looks like bloody good fun. Check out Falls Creek's official press release below for all the details of the trail opening. The new descent complements the two new cross country trails, show in the video below, that are also open this summer, with a third cross country trail on the way before the winter arrives.