Fresh Product: Time ATAC MX4 pedals

Words by Flow | Images by Flowtographer

The not-so-minor details


Time ATAC MX4 pedals


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“What time is it?,” asked Flavour Flav.

“These are the new ATAC MX4s, Flav. Do you like them?”

“Yeah, BOY. They look good.”


We think so too. These are the pedal we’ve been waiting for from Time! Sitting somewhere in between the lightweight ATAC XC and the beefy ATAC DH pedals, the new composite bodied MX4 is more of a trail pedal. In the same vein as Shimano’s Trail series pedals, it has a larger surface area for increased stability, but without much of a weight penalty.


The MX4 is built around Time’s simple and robust ATAC engagement system. It’s a mechanism that has a loyal following – it’s near impossible to clog up in muddy conditions and it’s exceptionally durable.┬áThe ATAC system offers a good deal of lateral float too (6mm), which is a blessing to those with sore knees or riders who like to feel a little more free when they’re clipped in.

IMG_2420 IMG_2419

Sitting at the lower end of the MX range, the MX4s use a steel axle with a composite body. There’s no adjustability in terms of spring tension, but the cleats are reversible and swapping them round will deliver either 13 0r 17 degrees of release rotation.


As ardent fans of Shimano’s XT and XTR Trail pedals, it’ll be refreshing to give an alternative offering a try. Expect a full test in the coming months.