Video: The Choicest Action From the 2014 World Cup Downhill Season

The UCI Downhill World Cup treated us to one of its classic seasons this year and following it every step along the way for us, bringing you all the best action from trackside were the Parkin Brothers of Orpheus Productions.

They were baked, drowned, scorched and soaked intermittently all year hauling cameras all over the world’s fastest DH tracks. When it came to an end of season package then we decided to ask for the ultimate; no filler, all thriller!

We decided to ask for the ultimate; no filler, all thriller!

There are always one or two shots that come out of a race weekend that get everyone excited to go out and ride. Shots that demonstrate the kind of sublime skill needed to make a big bike dance on the very edge of adhesion. Whips, scrubs, gaps… It had to be the very best.

The above video clip doesn’t tell the story of a timed session or feature blow-by-blow tracking of one of 2014’s epic battles, it’s simply about all those best shots being tied together in just one place. The best of the best, the best of the Wildmen. Enjoy!

New Trail Preview: Serrata Track – Bantry Bay, NSW

“One of the things people always say, is that National Parks don’t want change,” says Garry Patterson of TrailScapes, “but this project has really proved to me that’s not true.”

TrailScapes are the crew charged with the challenging, highly-pivotal task of creating NSW’s first ever purpose-built mountain bike trail in a National Park area. “From our perspective, National Parks have been amazing to work with – there are crew within Parks who want to ride this trail even more than we do! – and nothing has ever been too hard for them,” says Garry.

Serrata Track - Bantry Bay 2
Garry Patterson of TrailScapes. He should be proud of his work!

Serrata Track - Bantry Bay 14

The trail in discussion is one of two brand-new trails (yes, completely new, commissioned by National Parks themselves) in Garigal National Park, in Sydney’s northern suburbs. This is an area where mountain biking is booming. It’s also an area of vast swathes of sensitive National Park, countless sites of Aboriginal significance and plenty of residents who like things ‘just-so’. As such, it has taken some serious vision, determination and political will on the part of the NSW government and the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service to make this project a reality. Everyone involved deserves heaped servings of praise!

Serrata Track - Bantry Bay 32
The return climb to the top of the trail is easy, straight up the fireroad.

Serrata Track - Bantry Bay 1

While the official opening is still a few days away, Flow was given a chance to ride the fresh Serrata Track with TrailScapes yesterday. This is a unique trail in so many ways; because of the sensitive nature of the terrain, the entire trail has been hand-built, which is a mammoth undertaking in such a rocky environment.  Materials for trail construction had to be sourced locally and either carried in by hand or dropped by helicopter. Trees of over 50mm in diameter had to preserved too. In short, this was not your standard machine-built trail project!

Serrata Track - Bantry Bay 8
TrailScapes moved a lot of rock, by hand, to make this trail happen! With so much of the trail on rock, it should hold up exceptionally well.
Serrata Track - Bantry Bay 16
It’s nice to see a trail with line choice options; there are at least three different lines through this particular section of rocky trail.

Serrata Track - Bantry Bay 25

But TrailScapes have done an incredible job, and ultimately these restriction have resulted in a trail that is both unique amongst most new trail developments, but which also matches the vibe and feel of other trails in Sydney’s northern beaches region. The trail is almost entirely built of rock, either on the sandstone bedrock itself, or with long sections of rock armouring linking up cool ledges and other rock features. Rated as a ‘blue’ intermediate level trail, there are plenty of properly technical sections that’ll prompt many riders to take pause, with multiple line choices available, including some that aren’t so obvious until you really stop and take a look.

Serrata Track - Bantry Bay 13
Tony Nolan, the father of Australian mountain bike photography, has been involved in the construction of the Serrata Track. It’s actually pretty special to have someone so influential in the history of Australian mountain biking involved in this project.
Serrata Track - Bantry Bay 12
Rocky, steep, beautiful terrain.

While the Serrata Track is just on 1.5km long, it’s an easy to rip out multiple laps, with the return climb cruising back up a mellow fireroad. And when you combine this trail in with the recently refurbished Manly Dam (just around the corner) and with  2.15km Gahnia trail opening soon, you’ve suddenly got a pretty healthy mountain bike trail network. We’re incredibly excited to see this project so close to completion; it feels as if the discussion about legal trails in Garigal National Park has been going on for decades, and to have it actually come into fruition is just brilliant. We hope this project marks the start of a new era of positive relations between mountain bikers and NSW National Parks.

Serrata Track - Bantry Bay 22
Again, there are multiple line options – steep and quick, or round the outside.

Serrata Track - Bantry Bay 18 Serrata Track - Bantry Bay 23

Serrata Track - Bantry Bay 6

Please note: the Garnia Trail is NOT yet open. Riding it ahead of the official opening date could seriously jeopardise this and future projects. And do you really want to be the d#ckhead who stuffs it up for everyone? 

Location: The Serrata Track starts off the Currie Rd firetrail, in Forestville. The trailhead is approximately 1 km in from Currie Rd – you can’t miss it.

Avantiplus Hellfire Cup: Final Race Wrap

The Avantiplbus Hellfire Cup is a done deal! Read on to learn how it all went down over the final two days.

Hellfire Cup Final wrap 4


The time trial course takes racers out of the village in a 6km cruise stage to the time trial start on the Marchweil property. Special access to the stunning private property has been arranged for the Hellfire Cup which follows the coast and is below the event’s namesake Hellfire Bluff. The course then heads into nearby hills via a plantation fire road. The riders then jump off via a single track gully link which takes them onto the main climb for this short and sharp 14k time trial course.
Day 3 started cool after a clear starry night over the Kellevie race village. Tasmanian competitors wandering around in t-shirts were greeted by interstate competitors in down jackets and beanies for the race briefing. The cruise stage allowed racers a chance to chat amongst the pack – there’s nothing quite like seeing a huge pack of riders winding their way up the hills on the gravel back roads of South East Tasmania. The chance to chat with pros and just enjoy the scenery was a nice leadup to the time trial stage.
At the picturesque Marchweil property the competitors assembled again surrounded by farm houses and a sea of lycra. The competitors were put into seeded pairs based on their results over the proceeding days, and were sent off in 30 second intervals.
Hellfire Cup Final wrap 7
For the Elite Male category Team Torq had a better outing than on Stage 3, and recorded a stage winning time of 25m 46s. They were followed a little over a minute later by Team 4SHAW who came in at 26m 57s. Team Torq’s strong performance will eat into the lead that 4SHAW and Avantiplus have carved out into the overall standings, but will not take them up a place on the overall podium at this stage. The competitive team of Avantiplus Launceston came looking like they hard worked hard for their time of 27m 12s.
The Elite Female teams Team Torq (Em Parkes & Jenni King) and Willylocke (Rebecca Locke & Naomi Williams) came across the line within 2 seconds of each other with Team Torq sneaking the stage win with a time of 33m 06s.
In the Elite Mixed competition team Jeffy & Pesta (Jarrod Moroni & Peta Mullens) came in very strong and took out stage 4 with a time of 31m 11s. Team My Mountain (Melissa Anset & David Ransom) followed in with a time of 33m 09. Less than a minute later A+ Launceston (Sam Calow & Rowena Fry) pushed across the line at 33m 47s.
This afternoon stage is based around the classic Kelleive XC course, made famous by the Kellevie 24 Hour races. This track has been further developed and improved over the course of 2014 by new landowners Mtn Trails. The 9.5k course is all single track, which is ridden as a pairs relay for teams and lone wolves get to enjoy two laps of the course.
Hellfire Cup Final wrap 2
After leaving the race village the riders descend into the Kellevie rainforest. This section is a fast-riding, winding path that rewards riders willing to brave the encroaching trees for an opportunity to separate themselves from the pack. The course also features a short, sharp ascent up the Shimano Switchbacks across the crest of the hill. Following a quick paddock sprint, the riders meet the 4SHAW rock garden. After that they will go into the Jeanneret Electrical Technologies luge which will
The return leg is ideal for riders with big engines as pure power here will be the determining factor on the undulating blast back into the Race village and transition.
Team Torq has notched up a narrow win (57m 59s) just 7 seconds faster than Team 4SHAW (Tom Goddard & Scott Bowden). There was only a small gap between the top 2 placed teams and Avantiplus Launceston which followed in at 59m 32s.
In the Elite Female category Torq Girls (Em Parkes & Jenni King) continue to dominate with a combined time of 1h 09m 54s. Followed closely by WillyLocke with a time of 1h 11m 48s.
In the Mixed Elite category Jeffy & Pesta (Jarrod Moroni & Peta Mullens) have taken out first place for Stage 5 with a time of 1h 07m 33s. Team My Mountain followed less than half a minute next with a time of 1h 7m 57s. Popular local riders Ride Bellerive (Jason Mennitz & Edwina Hughes) were in top form and took out 3rd with a time of 1h 09m 56s.
Hellfire Cup Final wrap 1
Stage 6 of the Avantiplus Hellfire Cup is an optional night event at the end of Day 3 – it’s an XC dash for cash over 9km. This has the first man and woman across the line racing for $1,000 each from Laser Electrical and bragging rights as the King & Queen of Kellevie for 2014.
In a tight race, the King of Kellevie was won by Chris Hamilton with a time of 24m 58s. Chris was followed by the Queen of Kellevie Peta Mullens with a cracking time on the tough course of 29m 02s.
Stage 6 is a special stage and times do not contribute to final race standings, and was just for the people who felt they hadn’t been punished enough by the proceeding stages. It was only the hardy few who could stomach the prospect of a 3rd race leg in one day, however a good portion of the race village turned up at night to cheer them in across the line.
A beautiful sunny morning met competitors, even though the race village was a little slow in waking up after a few days of racing. Late night hooting and hollering was heard happening at the Iron House bar after a sunny afternoon which may have had a little something to do with this.
The Tuff Torq Elevator is a nasty little hill climb designed to wring the last drops of power out of very tired legs. Tough on a good day, but after 3 days of racing? Utterly Brutal. The course heads straight out of the village and up the hill that looks over the race village. Elevation ramps up quickly and switchbacks turn into an uphill straight push sure to demoralise all but the strongest legs. Elites and punters alike found this tough, and those who got the early run at 8am were grateful when they saw the temperature rise for the noon second wave.
Pairs are split for this stage, and sent off in seeded waves.
Hellfire Cup Final wrap 5
Peta Mullens and Jarrod Moroni – get the pair, for just $5000!
Team Torq (Mark Tupalski & Chris Hamilton) had a good outing (18m 59s) and nibbled into Team 4SHAW’s lead who placed second with a time of 19m 07s. AvantiPlus Launceston were close behind with a time of 19m 36s.
A great stage for the Elite Women racers Willy Locke who took out the stage with a time of 25m 59s. This placed them well in front of Torq with a time of 30m 15s.
Team My Mountain (David Ransom & Melissa Anset) had blazing fast run of 23m 24s. Second place went to Avantiplus Launceston with a time of 23m 38s, which was followed by Jeffy & Pesta (Peta Mullens & Jarrod Moroni) who came in at 24m 08s.
The last hurrah for the Avantiplus Hellfire Cup 2014 is the Jettech Hectic Mayhem dirt crit. This repurposed motocross track has sweeping bermed dirt corners that allow for a final fast blast over the short course. The course is hectic and close and provides a great opportunity for spectators and team members to encourage their mates along. At around 3-4 minutes for the lap (fast riders), major mechanicals is about the only thing the elites have to worry about and this last leg is all about having a final blast to wring out the last drop of sweat for Hellfire 2014.
The short course was EXTREMELY closely contested by the 3 leading Elite Male teams. Avantiplus Launceston took it with a time of 6m 20s, followed a second later by 4SHAW and another second later by Team Torq. Insanely close stuff.
Hellfire Cup Final wrap 6
WillyLocke, half impressed, took home the five gorillas.
WillyLocke continued to have a great day on the bike, with a combined time of 7m 10s on the short course. Torq Girls recorded a time of 7m 17s for their last stage of racing.
Avantiplus Launceston had a good hit out (6m 55s) and found themselves another 9 seconds on Team My Mountain (7m 06s). Ride Bellerive came in next with a time of 7m 23s.
After 4 days of racing, enjoying the very best Tasmania has to offer in weather (read: All of the weather – sometimes all at once) the 2014 Avantiplus Hellfire Cup is done and dusted for another year. The organisers would like to take a moment to thank all of the volunteers who have contributed to the event, you are filled with the Spirit of Hellfire and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. They would also like to thank our generous sponsors and the the community of mountain biking which has got behind us in a big way. Finally, we would like to thank all our competitors for coming out and racing with us, we hope you enjoyed your brief stay in Hell and will join us next time!
The Hellfire Cup is committed to equal prize money for both genders and the winners in each elite category will go home with $5,000 in prize money, second place takes home $2,000 and third place elite team takes home $1,000.
Hellfire Cup Final wrap 3
Team 4-Shaw, surely must be pretty chuffed to have edged out the powerful Torq team for the win.
Elite Male Competition
The Elite male competition was a close run affair with the 3 leading teams looking like they could all take the event out at any stage. In the end the local knowledge and sheer power on the bike won the day and Team 4SHAW will go home as victors for the 2014 Hellfire Cup with $5,000 cash in their pocket. Their total cumulative time for the event was 6h 16m 28s edging out Avanti Plus Launceston who came in second place overall with a combined time of 6h 23m 55sAvantiplus Launceston will take home $2,000 prize money. Team Torq put in a stellar effort and were on the podium in third place overall with a time of 6h 24m 52s and will take home $1,000 prize money.
Elite Female Competition
The Elite Female competition was tight for the duration of the race – often seconds separating them on return from individual stages. At the end of play on day 4 the honours went to WillyLocke with a massive effort of 7h 39 18s combined time. This category was extremely close, in the end Team Torq trailed by only 31 seconds behind 1st place with a combined total time of 7h 39m 49s.
Elite Mixed Competition
From Day 2 onwards Jeffy & Pesta (Jarrod Moroni & Peta Mullens) looked very strong and they keep building their lead into an unassailable margin. By the end of Day 4 their total combined time was 7h 07m 01s which could not be touched by second placed team Team My Mountain (David Ransom & Melissa Anset) who recorded a total time of  7h 33m 50s. Avantiplus Launceston (Sam Calow & Rowena Fry) will take home third place overall in the mixed competition with a final time of 7h 35s 08s.


$45K in Prizes AND Sam Hill to Race at the Cannonball MTB Fest!

Thredbo has just released the Toyota Cannonball MTB Festival event Schedule with 3 epic days of high flying adrenalin filled action and entertainment plus some massive prizes on offer.

The festival, which takes place across the weekend of December 5-7, will have the biggest mountain biking prize pool on the Australian mountain biking circuit with $45,000 in cash and prizes up for grabs. The Industry best are supporting the event including major sponsor Toyota along with Maxxis, SRAM, Rock Shox, ODI, Avid, Truvativ and Joes No Flats,

The complete schedule is now online at and registrations are still open but filling up fast so jump online and register to ensure your place.


Schedule highlights include: 


11:00am – 4:30pm – ODI Dual Compressor

4:30pm – 5:00pm – Big Air // Whip Wars Practice

6:00pm – 9:00pm – ROCKSHOX Pump Track Racing, DJ, BBQ and presentation


11:30am – 2:30pm – Flow Motion Cup Racing

3:00pm – 4:30pm – Australian DH Pro and Under 19 class seeding runs

4:30pm – 5:00pm – Big Air // Whip Wars Practice

4:30pm – 7:30pm – DJ & BBQ at the base of Kosciuszko Express

5:00pm – 7:00pm – Whip Wars Jam All Divisions

7:00pm – Flow Motion Cup & Whip Wars Presentations


12:00pm – 3.30pm – Racing Australian DH All Divisions

3:30pm – 6:30pm – Greasy Pole Party with DJ & BBQ

4.30pm – Australian DH Presentations


King and Queen of the mountain 

A fun new twist for 2014 is points from each event will be tallied to crown the King and Queen of the mountain in the Pro Divisions. To win this prestigious accolade, the higher you place, the more you score, with the winners launching into Cannonball royalty.

The Thredbo MTB season kicked off last week, with riders revelling in the chance to hit the mountain tracks before the Cannonball Festival. Junior World Champion and Thredbo MTB rider Tegan Molloy was one of the first on the hill.

“Thredbo have really raised the bar with the downhill track this year, with sections running a lot more open and fluid. Although a long and technical course, it seems that everyone is having a blast. 

With the new lower section packing in nicely, it will definitely please spectators and riders alike. The track is in awesome condition in the lead up to Cannonball, the stage is set for one of the best races in Australia. 

I’m lucky to have a world class training ground right here in my backyard in the lead up to what I hope will be a successful World Cup season ahead” said Tegan.

Tegan will be riding alongside other world class riders including Sam Hill, Troy Brosan, Andrew Crimmins, Ben Cory, Thomas Crimmins, David McMillan and Tim Eaton.

“Cannonball for me is definitely one of the best events on the calendar, simply because it’s not super competitive like the national series, just a bunch of guys and girls having fun in Australia’s best MTB destination. Thredbo is always known for pulling the huge crowd and I think this year will be the biggest yet, plus it hosts Aussies only whip comp! Who doesn’t want to sit on the side of the hill and watch people throw down? I’ll definitely be back to try and back up my win from last year!Andrew Crimmins 2013 Australian Open Winner 

“I’m really excited about coming back to Thredbo for the Cannonball Festival this year! Getting 2nd in the Australian Open last year has just fuelled the fire for me to take the win this year” Troy Brosnan Current World #2 

There is something in this multi-faceted festival for any level rider, here are all the events over the long weekend.

1. The Australian Open Downhill 

The main event, the Australian Open DH on Thredbo’s infamous Cannonball will take riders to their physical and mental limits. The 3.5km course of fast, intense, non-stop gravity starts at the top of the Kosciuszko Express Chairlift and will be the best one yet. We will see the return of the old favourite, the no holds barred Thredbo Fire Road and this is exclusive to the Australian Open DH. Along with other substantial changes that will widen sections and add more fall line riding. With the biggest prize purse on the Australia DH calendar, this will be one not to miss!

2. Flow Motion Cup 

Utilising the Kosciuszko Flow Trail this all mountain race will snake its way down Thredbo’s famous ski runs. With around 6km of flowing single-track to negotiate with the odd flat pedal, this event can cater to all levels of riders. However only those with the will to win will head home with the cash!

3. ODI Dual Compressor 

A new event for 2014. Racing at its most raw, the Dual Compressors crowd-pleasing format pits two competitors side-by-side to battle each other & the clock as they race to avoid elimination each round. The finely tuned course of jumps, berms, rhythm sections and drops makes for a gruelling battleground, challenging both pump-track specialists and the true downhillers. Riders will race on equal courses side by side before integrating and pushing one another through to the finish.

4. Big Air / Whip-Wars 

A crowd favourite will see the best riders in the country send their bike sideways off a purpose built show-time jump at the Thredbo base. This will see a mix of downhillers and free-riders come together to settle the debate of the King of Style. You may not win the main event, but you may take home some cash for a crowd-pleasing trick.

5. ROCKSHOX Pump Track Challenge 

Get ready for the ROCKSHOX Pump Challenge on Friday night. See Thredbo’s brand new updated Pump Track on The Village Green in full flight as the smooth momentum masters set the perfectly sculpted course on fire. A test of ultimate skill & stamina, as riders pump, double & manual around the 2-3 lap course without a single pedal stroke.

The complete schedule is now online, download and plan your weekend of adrenalin filled mountain bike action.

Visit for full event details OR join the Thredbo MTB facebook page for all event updates.

For any Thredbo accommodation and festival package enquires visit or call Thredbo Resort Centre 1300 020 589. 

Confirmed Cannonball Riders 

Sam Hill – The man, the myth, the legend, Sam Hill will be competing at Cannonball 2014! Sam is by far the most recognised and successful DH mountain biker in Australia over the past 10 years. With countless World Cup and World Champs wins, he has every title in the sport and there is no sign of him slowing down with 2 more World Cup wins this season! Sam has found form again and will be the favourite for most in the Australian Open DH!

Troy Brosnan 

Troy Brosnan of the Specialized Racing Team loves coming to Thredbo and it is one of his favourite MTB destinations in the world! He is 2 X Junior World DH Champ, ranked #3 in the World and was a close 2nd in last year’s Australian Open along with taking out the Rock Shox Pump Track Challenge. Troy is one of the top contenders for King of Cannonball!

Andrew Crimmins 

What can we say about Andrew Crimmins? He came from nowhere last year to take out the Australian Open DH and beat some big names in doing so. Still at only 17 years of age, Andrew is now riding for the Kona Factory Team & Monster Energy. With a full World Cup season under his belt, can Andrew back up his incredible performance from last year? Only time will tell.

Tegan Molloy 

The 2014 Junior World Champion will be back on her home mountain for Cannonball and will be fired up for all events. We saw her take out the Rock Shox Pump Track Challenge & Flow Motion last year but was pipped by Tracey Hannah in the Australian

Open. Tegan will be looking for the trifecta and is a hot contender for the Queen of Cannonball!

Ben Cory 

Ben Cory knows Thredbo like the back of his hand. Being a Canberra local he regularly uses Thredbo as a training ground. His smooth style & local knowledge got him the win in the Flow Motion last year and he will be ready to back that up in 2014 and show the young bucks whose boss!

Thomas Crimmins 

Local legend Tommy Crimmins has just returned from a full season racing World Cups and will be itching to prove himself again on the Australian Stage. A slight home advantage saw him get 3rd last year in the Australian Open DH and this will make him a threat over the entire weekend in all events!

David McMillan 

Dave ‘Magician’ McMillan was the eventual winner of the Whip Wars last year and will be the name on everyone’s lips again! Dave is known for his effortless & smooth style that leaves every spectator in awe! Look out for the style-master in all events!

Tim Eaton 

Another Canberra local that is a force to be reckoned with in Thredbo! Riding for Giant Bikes Timmy Eaton will have is full quiver on show for Cannonball and will be hoping to take one of them to the top step!

Avantiplus Hellfire Cup: Stage 3 Race Wrap

The Avantiplus Hellfire Cup is underway! After getting burned out of existence the first time around, then swamped by rains the next, the race finally seems to have got lucky this year! Read on for the latest from Tassie’s newest stage race. (Stage 1 and 2 race wrap here!
Hellfire Cup Stg3  1

Racers make their way out of the Kellevie race village.

Stage 3 is the toughest day on offer at the Avantiplus Hellfire Cup – the Adidas Evil Eye Assault is a 48k loop that takes riders out of the race village and the onto the 4SHAW nutcracker. This climb gives racers a good opportunity to work hard on the pedals and question all their life choices that have brought them to this point, and, onto Jacobs Peak. The good news is that what goes up … must come down! Kingos tramline descent defies description – originally cut for sawmillers into the hills of Weilangta forest a century ago, the long abandoned tramlines now have a second life as a mountain bike trail.
The tramline descent is fast, flowing and goes forever. Next up riders hit the most technical descent of the race – Baby Head Alley which requires careful picking of a racing line. There is some respite for racers before heading onto Aub’s track – a great piece of lovingly handcrafted trail which leads onto the main road climb which we’ve titled the The Old Woolstore Head Cracker – this is the second major climb of the day and will really test tired legs. For the return descent, riders will return via Mill Road and Old Mill tramline which will take racers all the way back to Kellevie.
Hellfire Cup Stg3  4
Juliet Plumb.

The race village had a cool start for Day 2. The nearby hills were covered in an early morning mist and the mood in camp was jovial. Many racers starting the day with a well appreciated hot shower and a coffee before hopping back into racing gear. Cooler conditions met racers on the start line for stage 3 of the Avantiplus Hellfire Cup. A mixture of patchy showers which increased to rain showers meant that riders came in wet and working hard to cross the line of the 48K course.
Team 4SHAW - Winners Stage 3 (Tom Goddard & Scott Bowden)
Team 4SHAW – Winners Stage 3 (Tom Goddard & Scott Bowden)
In the Elite Male Category, Team 4SHAW (Scott Bowden & Tom Goddard – 2h 0m 30s) came in first in emphatic fashion and still had enough energy to do a little showboating with a manual across the line. Their local knowledge and supreme bike fitness came to the fore in a very competitive field. They were followed by Avantiplus Launceston who trailed the by 6 minutes 57 seconds.
For the Elite Female Category, Team Torq have continued to dominate with a 2h 32m 25s time over the 48K course. They were shadowed in a matter of seconds by Willy Locke (Rebecca Locke & Naomi Williams) who recorded a time of 2h 32m 31s.
Well in the lead for the Elite Mixed category at the end of Day 1, Trek Factory Racing (Bec Henderson & Dan McConnell have fallen out of contention due to a series of mechanicals. Jeffy & Pesta (Jarrod Moroni & Peta Mullens) sailed in with a time of 2h 20m 28s. Team My Mountain (Melissa Anset & David Ransom) followed with a time of 2h 35m 16s.

Hellfire Cup Stg3  2
Over the course of stage 3, the Elite Male category has had a shakeup. A very strong performance in stage 3 by Team 4SHAW has put them in the overall lead with a combined time of 4h 25m 55s. They currently lead Avantiplus Launceston by 5m 20s. Team Torq also experienced mechanical issues on stage 3, and have fallen to third place overall with a combined time of 4h 35m 15s
Team Torq stay in the lead with a combined time of 5h 19m 15s across the 3 stages so far. They are closely followed by Willylocke with a time gap of just 1m 55s.
Jeffy & Pesta now move into the lead for the Elite Mixed category with an overall time of 4h 56m 16s. Avantiplus Launceston (Sam Calow & Rowena Fry) will now move into second place with a combined time of 5h 20m 19s.

Video: Gravity Enduro at Narbethong

The ENVE Victorian Gravity Enduro series has proven to be the biggest hit since The Beatles, attracting hordes of gravity enduro racers across Victoria. The latest round was at Narbethong, and we reckon the trails look like a heap of fun, both in the dry and in the wet.

ENVE Victorian Gravity Enduro presented by My Mountain & Schwalbe – Narbethong Round 3 from Liam Renaut on Vimeo.


Flow’s Freshies: Products We’re Using, Testing or Loving

Scott Stego Helmet with MIPS


We’ve been using the Scott Stego for a year now, but it’s now available in this rather flash gloss black and fluoro colour scheme that is oh-so-enduro. There’s a reason why we like this helmet so much – it’s incredibly comfortable and offers plenty of coverage to suit the increasingly reckless riding that today’s all-mountain bikes encourage. Like the Scott ARX Plus helmet we featured a few weeks ago, the Stego has MIPS technology. In a nutshell, MIPS is a liner that is designed to reduce the forces transmitted to your melon by allowing the helmet shell to rotate independently of your head under an angled impact. Read more about it here. The Stego also has a large, flat surface near the top of the helmet that makes it perfect for a stick-on helmet mount – much neater than using a strap-on mount!



Flow Freshies  2

Flow Freshies  3 Flow Freshies  1


Crank Bros M17 multi tool

In our opinion, this is the best item in Crank Brothers’ comprehensive range of multitools. It’s a solid little number, at 168g, but the steel construction is really tough and the grippy, knurled side plates feel great in your palm. The chain breaker is well made (often these are extremely crappy on multitools), though it’s not specifically designed to work with 11-speed chains. All the usuals are there (torx 25, phillips/flat head and a full suite of Allen keys) but it’s the no-fuss build quality that we appreciate most.

Flow Freshies  11

Flow Freshies  12



Drift Stealth 2 Camera


The wearable camera market is a real battleground, with a lot of highly credible players pushing the technology so far right now. It’s easy to get caught up in frame rates and resolutions, but from our experience usability and ease of operation is what makes the most difference – if your camera is pain to mount, is too bulky or is hard to navigate/operate, you’re not going to want to use it. The Stealth 2 takes the usability bull by the horns, weighing in at under 100g and with a low-profile shape and robust construction that makes it easy to mount. We’re going to be using this camera a lot in the coming weeks, so expect a full review soon.

Flow Freshies  7

Flow Freshies  4



Bontrager XR4 tyres

It’s official: the Bontrager XR4 is our new favourite do-it-all trail tyre. We fitted a set of this meaty rubber to our Trek Fuel EX9.8 long-term tester and it totally transformed the bike into a radical, grip-seeking shred missile. With a huge bag, resilient sidewalls, plenty of support and a great compound, we can’t find fault with this tyre. Ok, it’s a bit heavy. But we’re happy to carry around 820g per wheel for performance like this.

bontrager xr4


bontrager xr4 2


Demo a FOX Fork At a Bike Shop Near You

FOX Racing Shox Australia announce a nation-wide demo program in partnership with key retail stores.

To try out the latest FOX forks, contact any of the stores below for availability and conditions.

Atelier de Velo, Sydney NSW   [email protected]

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Avantiplus Hellfire Cup – Stages 1 and 2 race wrap

The Avantiplus Hellfire Cup is back for a second year. The event, held in Kellevie in South Eastern Tasmania, is a 4 day multi-stage Mountain Bike Race. Attracting elite riders as well as weekend warriors, the event has attracted people from all over the country to 4 days of racing in the Tasmanian countryside. The event offers both pairs racing and a Lone Wolves category for solo racers.

The lead up to, and the actual 2013 Hellfire Cup event, was a gruelling experience for organisers. The Tasmanian Bushfire emergency struck days before it was originally slated to run in January 2013 (nearby Dunalley was devastated by the fires) and the event was rescheduled to run November 2013. Ironically, very different conditions met competitors in November, and torrential rain necessitated a reduced race format, and a race village evacuation that truly demonstrated the spirit of mountain biking.

So, after 3 long years of preparation work, the 2014 event is the first time the full course has been unveiled. On day 1, the race village is, buzzing and full of competitors keen to ride on some of the best trails Tasmania has to offer.



The trails are riding fast and fun, and on return from Stage 1 the nervous smiles of competitors were replaced by grins and war stories from the first hit-out for the event. The Mill Road loop is the 25km opening drumroll to the Hellfire Cup. It showcases a mix of riding experiences, departing from the Kellevie race village on vintage Tasmanian XC trails which lead into a firetrail ascent which literally takes a rider’s breath away. On the return journey, riders are rewarded with the Mountain Trails Serpent – a hard earned downhill section of flowing switchbacks that opens out into a extremely fast riding valley descent with a stunning views as riders emerge from the bush.



Team Torq came out very strong and took out both the Elite Female (Em Parkes & Jenni King – 1h:25m:38s) category AND the Male Category (Chris Hamilton & Mark Tupalski 1h:12m:40s) with some blazing fast times. Trek Factory racing (Bec Henderson & Dan McConnell – 1h:20m:27s) took out the the Elite Mixed category.


The second stage is a fast-blast team relay, based on a 4 laps of the 6.5km Kellevie Onetonne rodeo XC Course. Pairs riders do a lap and alternate, but lone wolves find themselves doing all 4 laps. After leaving the race village the riders descend into the Kellevie rainforest. This section is a fast-riding, winding path that rewards riders willing to brave the encroaching trees for an opportunity to separate themselves from the pack. The course also features a short, sharp ascent up the Shimano Switchbacks across the crest of the hill. Following a quick paddock sprint, they riders meet the 4SHAW rock garden. The return leg is ideal for riders with big engines as pure power here will be the determining factor on the undulating blast back into the Race village and transition.



A gentle spattering of rain fell on competitors as they gathered on the start line for Stage 2. This went some way towards keeping the dust down and providing a just-so slightly tacky racing surface that riders love so much. The race pack steamrolled out of the village and disappeared into the Kellevie rainforest in a matter of seconds. Dan McConnell put down a blistering first lap to take the early lead overall for stage 2 for the mixed pair elite team, Trek Factory Racing.

Team Torq continues to dominate, with both Elite Female (Em Parkes & Jenni King – 1h21m:11s) the Elite Male Category (Chris Hamilton & Mark Tupalski 1h:08m:07s) on a short sharp course. In the Elite mixed category. Trek Factory racing (Bec Henderson & Dan McConnell – 1h:12m:24s) is leading the Elite Mixed category.


In the Elite Male category Team Torq will go into day 2 with a 3 minute 10 second advantage over AvantiPlus Launceston (Ben Mather & Alex Lack) who are followed followed by Team 4SHAW (Tom Goddard & Scott Bowden).

For the Elite Female category Team Torq leads WillyLocke (Rebecca Locke & Naomi Williams) by 2 minutes 6 seconds.

The Elite Mixed category is predicted to be extremely competitive with Trek Factory racing leading Jeffy & Pesta (Jarrod Moroni & Peta Mullens) by 2 minutes and 5 seconds.

Jaw-some Stuff: Jaws Freerides the Black Mountains of France

There’s nothing quite like some high-quality on-the-bike footage to help you appreciate how gnarly big mountain riding can be. This video, with plenty of chest-mounted camera work, nails it.

We followed Bartek “Jaws” Krzyszton to the Black Hills in France, one of the best freeride spots in Europe. Miles away from any form of civilization, the men spent days sleeping in tents so they could fully explore this mountain bike haven. Their days were spent filming and watching Jaws dig and ride his bike in a completely pure freeride environment unlike any other. He was not afraid to go big, fast, nor steep and they have the footage to prove it. Jaws Freeriding The Remote Black Hills Of France | Jawsome, Ep. 2

The Bike Brothers Movie

Szymon and Dawid Godziek are athletes who can already boast some impressive achievements on the international bike scene. However, for the first time ever fans can now explore another side to them. Thanks to a unique production, the skills of the boys are presented in a completely different light. “The Bike Brothers” is an engaging story with the bike siblings playing the leading roles and impersonating legendary movie characters. In spite of their experience, the Godziek brothers confessed that the new challenge evoked some stage fright.

“I was involved in such production for the first time in my life. Knowing that you’re the centre of attention was quite stressful. I was trying to do my tricks as good as I can and, of course, face the acting challenge,” said Dawid Godziek about his preparations for the film.
Older brother, Szymon, added:
“Working on a professional set is much different than making clips with your buddies. Just setting up the cameras and obstacles required a lot of effort. We were on the set 16 hours per day. It wasn’t easy – the days started at 4am and finished after dark.”

The film features a guest appearance by Alan Andersz, who played the role of a detective chasing the main characters. The Godziek brothers are already successful in their sport but thanks to this production they got the chance to show off their skills to a wider audience and it was the perfect excuse to present freestyle at its best. The footage captured is bound to be well received – the final scene alone sees Szymon lands the world’s first Backflip Stripper!
There are many exceptional moments in the history of extreme films, but the Polish production “The Bike Brothers” is breaking new ground. Jen Sheroky was the person behind writing the script as well as shooting director for “The Bike Brothers”. Production was carried out by Graffiti Films in collaboration with Jen Sheroky and Adam Tunikowski. Post-production was supervised by Juice with support from the Dashdot team. Music was composed by Filip Kuncewicz and costume design by Angelika Paszek. The whole production process lasted a year and involved over 100 people.

A True Classic In Its 3rd Generation, The Ibis Mojo HD3

The new Mojo HD (HD3 for short) is the third act in the Mojo HD/Mojo HDR trailbike trilogy. Everything is new from the ground-up, notably featuring the latest and greatest refinement of the famed dw-link suspension.

Ibis Australia website.

Frame RRP: $3999 AUD

Geometry is fully modern: longer, lower and slacker, with 6” of plush rear wheel travel. We’ve built in versatile internal routing and updated the frame design, allowing us to put a water bottle on top of the downtube. We also achieve a drop in weight and pedaling performance on par with the Ripley, so the bike is very fast going up, and scary fast going down.












  • 650b (27.5″) wheels
  • The most advanced version of the dw-link suspension on the planet
  • 6” of rear wheel travel
  • Weight for the frame and shock, size large, matte finish: 5.9 lbs
  • 67 degree head angle with a 150mm fork (66.6º with 160 fork)
  • Shock specs: Fox Float CTD Adjust Factory Series with Kashima Coat, 7.875″ x 2.25″, 175lb boost, med velocity, med rebound, LV can, .92in3 volume spacer,
  • Optional shock: Cane Creek DBinline
  • ISCG 05 compatible with removable adapter
  • Threaded bottom bracket
  • Super versatile internal cable routing including internal dropper routing.
  • Optional polycarbonate down tube cable guard
  • Chain stay length: 16.9″
  • 12 x 142mm Maxle rear axle
  • 160mm post mount left dropout, carbon fiber
  • Tapered Head Tube and Steerer
  • Up to 2.4″ rear tire depending on brand and height of cornering knobs
  • Dual row angular contact bearings on the drive side of the lower link that have less play than standard sealed bearings. Preload adjustment is not necessary. Large 28mm x 15mm x 7mm radial bearings on the non drive side for stiffness and long wear
  • Bottom Bracket height 13.4″
  • Removable direct mount front derailleur mount for a clean 1X look




Video: Tracing Dirt

The lush, loamy green of the Squamish Valley is in its prime right now – come for a rip with two of Intense’s Cycles North American shredders, Bryden Rigets and Dexter Robson.

20141019201 20141019202


From the video’s creator: “Dense understory environments blanket the mountainsides of the Squamish valley. These environments harbor a multitude of life and a vestige of trails nestled neatly around Alice Lake. Rolling fog, sporadic rain, and reoccurring cloud cover create opportune moments in time to capture on film.

Fall has crept into view, allowing Dexter Robson and Bryden Rigets a chance to experience arguably the best seasonal conditions for mountain biking in the Pacific Northwest.”


CamelBak Highland Fling: Johnston and Mullens Victorious

The CamelBak Highland Fling celebrated 10 years with an all-star elite line-up and its most challenging course to date.

After last years weather glitch, the Southern Highlands turned on its normal blue skies and sunshine for the tenth running of the CamelBak Highland fling mountain bike marathon; the race considered one of the most challenging on the calendar.

Following a Saturday of fun racing, including the Rollloff World Championships and the Ravensworth Bundanoon Dash, Sunday saw riders receive the Highland Fling bagpipers wake-up call – the sound of serious racing.


The first gun sounded at the early start time of 7:20am for 100Mile (165km) racers and Full Flingers (non-elite) who set off at pace for a long day in the saddle. The most hotly contested racing of the weekend was next off the line, with the Full Fling elite; an all-star line-up that included Andy Blair, Shaun Lewis, Dylan Cooper, Mark Tupalski, Cameron Ivory, Jason English and 2013 Fling winner Brendan Johnston in the men’s field, and Jenny Fay, Imogen Smith, Naomi Hansen, Rebecca Locke and 2013 Fling winner Peta Mullens, in the women’s race.

“I wanted to make it hard from the start,” agreed Tupalski. “I’m really happy with the result, it was a hard ride but the new track in the Wingello stage was great.


In similar fashion to the 2013 race, Mark Tupalski helped set a fast pace at the start, with only three other riders, Brendan Johnston, Andy Blair and Chris Hamilton able to go with him. The group stayed together for some time before both Blair and Hamilton were lost, and not able to bridge the gap. In the end it was Brendan Johnston from Canberra crossing the line to take back to back CamelBak Highland Fling wins, he was followed by Mark Tupalski in second and Andy Blair in third.


‘Mark was strong and really drove it from the start.’ said Brendan. ‘We worked together pretty well and there was a group of us riding together. We managed to break away about half way through the Wingello stage and just kept the hammer down.”

“I wanted to make it hard from the start,” agreed Tupalski. “I’m really happy with the result, it was a hard ride but the new track in the Wingello stage was great.”

Andy Blair, who was racing his 10th Fling said “I had a good day, but Brendan and Mark were stronger. If I’d tried to stay with them, I would have blown.”

In the women’s race, whilst Peta Mullens took the win, she didn’t have it all her way from the start, with fierce competition from Jenny Fay, who withdrew from the race in the final 25km with mechanical issues.

In second place was Rebecca Locke, followed by Lucy Bechtel in third. “Jenny was so strong out there, but suffered a mechanical and withdrew,” said Peta. “I really suffered through the first section – on the hills – and that last technical section is always tough when you’re fatigued. It was definitely harder than last year and I’m really happy to take the win.”

Rebecca Locke said “I’ve done a few marathons, and I was told this was a tough course – wow, it was! I’ve been doing a lot of four hour races, and at 4 hours I really knew it.”

In the 100Mile it was a reversal of 2013 with Ed McDonald taking the win (and even popping a wheelie over the line) from Andrew Hall in second and Sam Moffitt in third. For the women, seasoned marathon racer Wendy Stevenson stepped up from the Full Fling to conquer the 100Mile.

Race Results in the 2013 CamelBak Highland Fling:

Half Fling Men

Brad Morton (2:22:22)

Jack Lavis (2:22:24)

Garry Millburn (2:22:26)

Half Fling Women

Michelle Ainsworth (2:41:39)

Rebecca Hoschke 2:51:05)

Full Fling Elite Men

Brendan Johnston (4:30:21)

Mark Tupalski (4:30:48)

Andy Blair (4:34:26)

Full Fling Elite Women

Peta Mullens (5:24:48)

Rebecca Locke (5:24:48)

Lucy Bechtel (5:49:08)

100Mile Men

Ed McDonald (7:43:51)

Andrew Hall (7:49:20)

Sam Moffitt (8:45:08)

100Mile Women

Wendy Stevenson (10:19:32)


This is What a Bright Future Looks Like

16 year old Jackson Frew is most definitely going to become one of Australia’s brightest stars! How’s his smooth skills on Stromlo, Tuggeranong Pines and the Kambah BMX Track?

Starting BMX racing at six, he’s raced World Champs in Canada, China and South Africa. After spending many years racing in many two wheeled disciplines including four cross, BMX and downhill he’s made the call to focus solely on downhill, and now heads into his first year as a junior.

Supported by Onyabike Canberra, Leatt Protectives, Giant Bikes Aus and Thredbo. We’ll certainly be seeing more of this talented, fluid riding and dedicated kid.


Jerome Clementz to Race the RockShox Enduro Challenge

Holy wheel of camembert, Mt Buller’s trails aren’t going to know what hit them!

Insane-fast Frenchman, 2013 EWS Overall Champ Jerome Clementz, is confirmed to race the opening round of the new RockShox Enduro Challenge at Buller! Come on now, Gravesy, you need to show this man who is boss on home turf.


Read on below for the official word.


The level of racing at the RockShox Enduro Challenge Powered by SRAM in Mt Buller in February is set to be hot, with 2013 EWS Champion Jerome Clementz confirmed as a starter for the inaugural Enduro event at Mt Buller on February 1.  Working with Event promotors, Event Management Solutions Australia and SRAM Australia, Jerome has structured his 2015 pre season training around being able to attend this  event.

The 2013 EWS Champion had a tough 2014 sustaining an injury early in the year that put him out of contention for the 2014 series, so is looking to come back to challenge 2014 Champion Jared Graves at the opening EWS event in Rotorua in March.

A number of other Northern Hemisphere riders are looking to come join JC at the RockShox Enduro Challenge events in Mt Buller and Toowoomba.

Learn more, or just enter dammit, at:

And in case you needed any more motivation to head to Buller, watch this vid to get the flavour of the place:



Crankworx Rotorua Site Goes Live

Are you going to be in Rotorua for Crankworx? All the punga ferns in the world couldn’t stop us from heading over to be there for all the madness. It is going to be AWESOME.

Information is starting to trickle out about the schedule, course design and more. It’s time to start locking in your friends, your flights and your accommodation and make it real.

See below for the official word.

It’s on. With just five months to go before Crankworx hits the Southern Hemisphere, fans can now find some hotly anticipated information online to start gearing up for the kick-off to the 2015 mountain biking season, from March 25 – 29 in Rotorua, New Zealand.

Kiwi freeride legend Kelly McGarry says having the Crankworx festival in Rotorua is a huge step forward for New Zealand mountain biking, bringing the spotlight to the local riding scene.

“Crankworx festivals draw the world’s best riders from all aspects of the sport and it puts them together in one big mountain biking arena to ride and compete – it’s all streamed live on the net so everyone worldwide can watch the action go down and see how we do it here,” he says. has gone live this week with all the details on what to expect in Rotorua, how to get there, where to stay and how to be a part of the action, as well as a whole range of information and videos showcasing what the world’s biggest mountain biking festival is all about.

The regional tourism organisation, Destination Rotorua, has also gone live with a web page – and is sharing more details about things to do and see while in New Zealand, as well as providing insight to the riding with videos showcasing the Rotorua terrain.

Skyline Rotorua

Skyline Rotorua’s Mountain Bike Gravity Park will be the main event location for Crankworx Rotorua and will host Round One of the Crankworx Downhill and Dual Speed and Style Series, Round One of the Enduro World Series, the Rotorua Pump Track Challenge and the first stop in the brand new Crankworx event Triple Crown of Slopestyle.

With course development underway you can check out the current Skyline Gravity Park layout, plus lots more information about the venue, at

Crankworx Rotorua director Tak Mutu says with a whole lot of information going live, it’s a good time to start booking accommodation, locking in travel arrangements and handing in the leave slips.

“We’ve already heard about some accommodation being sold out for the week of Crankworx, so it’s worth getting onto planning the trip – these online resources will be the perfect place to start,” he says. will continue to evolve as more details of the event get locked in – stay tuned for more information about the official programme, ticket sales and sponsors, plus some other key announcements.

“Another way to stay in the loop is to ‘like’ the official page,” says Tak.



Video Premiere: Life on Wheels – A Life Worth Winning

Following the great success of the 2013 season, Creative Concept has spent another year on the UCI Downhill Mountain Bike World Cup documenting the Lapierre Gravity Republic team in 2014.

Written and Directed by Aaron Bartlett, narrated by Rob Warner and headed by elite riders Loic Bruni and Sam Blenkinsop alongside Emmeline Ragot and Loris Vergier, we take a step behind the glamour of the motocross style pit setup and into the personal lives and relationships behind the World’s number 1 Downhill Mountain Bike team. Throughout a roller coaster season of ups and downs, emotions run high and dreams can be shattered in an instant as the team push for their first ever elite male winner on the World stage.

Follow the team’s journey from their humble beginnings at Q Bikes in 2005, through to the huge state of the art setup first introduced in 2012 and onto the present day, as well as getting to know all the amazing riders who have come and gone in-between.

But is it really all about winning? Find out TODAY in the 48 HOUR Premiere!


Loic Bruni
Sam Blenkinsop
Emmeline Ragot
Loris Vergier

Also Starring:

Cam Cole
Danny Hart
David Vazquez

Video: Biggest Attempted Front Flip in Mountain Bike History

Tom van Steenbergen was one of the most exciting and hyped riders coming into Red Bull Rampage 2014. After a disappointing result in 2013 and a shoulder injury earlier this year, Trek’s 19-year-old Dutch native, who now resides in Canada, was hungry to show the world his true capabilities on a mountain bike.

After landing this world record frontflip while filming for Anthill Films early this summer, he showed up to Rampage 2014 with the intention of doing the same over the massive 72-foot canyon gap.

It wasn’t really calculated. I just kinda went for it not knowing the exact speed and rotation, which was pretty scary.

Unfortunately, Steenbergen’s frontflip attempt on the huge gap came up just one foot short, and he took a hard fall. Although he walked away with his head held high, it was visibly one of the roughest falls taken in Rampage finals.

“I knew it wasn’t going to work as soon as my back tire hit the ground. It was just a bit earlier than I expected,” said Steenbergen. “It wasn’t really calculated. I just kinda went for it not knowing the exact speed and rotation, which was pretty scary.”

TVS sprained his sacoriliac joint in the crash, causing him huge pain. “I usually try to get up and start walking after I crash,” he admitted. “But I was in quite a bit of pain – I almost passed out when I got up.”

I mostly spend my time building new stuff to ride when I’m fully healed . . . I can’t wait to get back at it

“The recovery is going pretty good,” he says. “I’ve been seeing my chiropractor two times a week, and I’ve mostly spent my time building new stuff to ride when I’m fully healed.”

“I can’t wait to get back at it and hopefully stay healthy for a little while now,” added Steenbergen. “Injuries suck, but it’s part of what we do, we’re gonna have to live with it!”

Watch the VOD replay of Red Bull Rampage finals, including on-demand replays of specific runs, on the Red Bull Rampage site.