Fresh Product: Giant XTC Jr 1 Disc 24

We wish we had a dollar for every time an old timer says  to us something along the lines of “Gee whiz, that’s nothing like the bike I had as a kid!”…

Giant’s 2016 range is as complete as ever, and no one is left out for good options.

Fresh and ready for summer is the 24″ wheel Giant XTC Jr 1 Disc 24, for $459 it scores some real features for serious hooning about.

Giant XTC JR 25
Lookout, a Giant XTC for the grommets is coming to do a big skid on your lawn.

An aluminium frame keeps weight down to 13.8kg and unsightly rust away, as does the wheels which will give the bike a lighter handling when it gets rolling. You’ll find rack mounts, so fitting a rack to carry loads for the newspaper run or school commute is a snack.

21 gears with a wide range from Shimano will be there when the legs are tired and hills are steep, and a guard will protect the fragile parts when all the crashing happens.

Giant XTC JR 20
Shimano twist shifters, 21 speeds. 21 settings of awesome.
Giant XTC JR 18
Control centre of shred.
Giant XTC JR 10
Aluminium wheels keep weight down, and rust away.

Disc brakes are a big bonus, in more ways than one. Probably best at keeping any maintenance to a minimum, they also deliver powerful braking in any weather, ideal for mad skids all the time on anyones plush lawn.

The Tektro cable disc brakes are simple to work on, we had this set running sweet in no time at all. With the brake cables running inside full outer casing, they’ll stay slicker longer and easier to pull on with small hands.

Giant XTC JR 28
Tektro cable disc brakes, pretty cool for a kids bike!

You can’t do sick jumps without some good shockies! Up front a suspension fork gives you 50mm of bounce when off road, but can be locked out to make it easier when cruising the smoother streets looking for trouble.

Giant XTC JR 21
50mm of gutter jumping good times.
Giant XTC JR 12
Orange and yellow, safe on the roads, rad at the skate park.

Giant XTC JR 1

Bang for your buck, but also pretty sorted for those details that make it ride well and stand the test of time, the XTC Jr 1 Disc 24 is worth a look.

For more details, and other kids bikes from Giant, click here to hit up their Australian site.


The Final Showdown: Val di Sole DH Highlights

Racing at Val di Sole never fails to disappoint in terms of full-on action and incident, and this year’s event will live long in the memory.

The Parkin Bros were trackside to catch the best bits from finals day.

Steve Smith
Steve Smith
Patrick Thome
Patrick Thome
Tahnee Seagrave
Tahnee Seagrave
Josh Bryceland
Josh Bryceland
Rachel Atherton
Rachel Atherton
Loic Bruni
Loic Bruni
Aaron Gwin - Action
Aaron Gwin
Brook Macdonald - Action
Brook Macdonald
Bruni Loic - Lifestyle
Loic Bruni
Lucas Dean - Action
Dean Lucas
Rachel Atherton - Action
Rachel Atherton
Myriam Nicole - Action
Myriam Nicole
Gee Atherton - Action
Gee Atherton
Gee Atherton - Action
Gee Atherton

Brook Macdonald, Bruni Loic, Aaron Gwin, Troy Brosnan, Josh Bryceland - Podium


Alice Springs and The Redback Prove To Be a Winning Combination

Australia’s most legendary mountain bike stage race The Redback presented by Ingkerreke Commercial concluded over the weekend.

The Redback provides four days and six stages of some of the most inspiring mountain biking Australia has to offer, racing along the jaw-dropping trails around Alice Springs, Northern Territory.


The event has been running for eight years and has seen a revamp this year with the new name The Redback and a condensed race format. The six stages are extremely varied, offering up stunning 40-50km cross country stages through to a 22km night race and a 300m climb up Alice Spring’s Anzac Hill

Over 200 mountain bikers from across Australia took part, from the elite to the weekend warriors and everything in between.

The 43km Chifley Alice Springs Resort Stage 6 finale started with a 1.7km circuit through the streets of Alice Springs under a police-escorted peloton before heading out onto the trails. Riders were treated with some superb single track including a brand new section of trail, Stimpsons Track on Undoolya Ridge.

Craig_Cooke Michael_Milton_and_Grant_Johnston Terri_Rhodes P1080727 _CLE6728

The stage, and the event, concluded on the lawn beside the Todd River at the historic Telegraph Station, adding to the overall travel experience for the interstate riders.

Craig Cooke was once again victorious, finishing in a smashing time of 1 hour, 51 minutes. Two minutes behind him was Ben Hogarth in second place and then 15-year-old local young gun Luke Pankhurst in third.

In the women’s event it was a close race between Holly Harris and Terri Rhodes with Holly proving just too strong and taking the stage win by 37 seconds. Anna Beck from Queensland finished in third.

After four days and six stages of intense, challenging and interesting riding, it was Ben Hogarth from South Australia and Holly Harris from NSW who finished as clear winners at the top of the leader board.

Holly_Harris Ben_Hogarth

The total time for Ben Hogarth was 7 hours, 47 minutes. Behind him was veteran rider James Downing in 7 hours, 59 minutes, followed by Craig Cooke from WA in 8 hours.

“I loved it today, there’s a lot more single track in the event now and the new Stimpsons Track today was awesome, it’s so nice and flowy,” said Ben Hogarth.

“It’s a great event. I’ve done other stage races in Australia and this is by far my favourite, I’d definitely recommend it. I love that you can ride to all the starts and finishes, so there’s less logistics to worry about.

“And the riding here is like not like anywhere else in Australia, it’s really cool,” Ben Hogarth said.

Holly Harris finished The Redback after 9 hours, 1 minute of riding, over 6 minutes ahead of second placed Terri Rhodes. Third overall female was Kim Willocks from Victoria in 9 hours, 52 minutes.

“I loved today, it was awesome and a good way to finish the event. Today was my favourite stage, the trails were awesome and I was smiling the whole way,” said Holly Harris.

“This is my first visit to Alice Springs. I’ve ridden all over the world and I’ve never seen anything like this, it’s pretty breathtaking.

“The quality of the trails is pretty awesome and there’s so much of it, you can just keep going and going and not ride the same bit.

“The other riders are just fantastic; everyone is super friendly and is out there to have a good time so it’s been really good, I definitely want to come back,” Holly said.

Well done to all competitors who took on the Alice Springs outback trails at the 2015 condensed version of The Redback.


Stage 1 – NT Major Events 50km Cross Country Race – Thursday (AM) 

Male winner: Craig Cooke 01:36:09
Female winner: Holly Harris 01:50:18

Stage 2 – Ingkerreke Commercial 300m ANZAC Hill Climb – Thursday (PM) 

Male winner: Luke Pankhurst 00:00:44
Female winner:
Holly Harris 00:00:59

Stage 3 – Schwalbe 22km Individual Time Trial – Friday (AM) 

Male winner: Craig Cooke 00:51:23
Female winner: Holly Harris 01:00:31

Stage 4 – Cyclecover 22km Night Race – Friday (AM) 

Male winner: Craig Cooke 00:53:27
Female winner: Holly Harris 01:03:09

Stage 5 – Lasseters Hotel 50km Cross Country Race – Saturday (AM) 

Male winner: Ben Hogarth 02:27:51
Female winner: Anna Beck 02:56:55

Stage 6 – Chifley Alice Springs Resort 45km Cross Country Race – Sunday (AM)
Male winner: Craig Cooke 01:51:32
Female winner: Holly Harris 02:07:41


Click here to view all results from the event.

The feedback on the event overall has been really good, from both local riders and interstate visitors. This is what they’ve had to say.

Craig Cooke, from Western Australia, finished 3rd overall

“It’s a lovely part of the world and the volunteers did a fantastic effort to make it really enjoyable for everyone; it was really good fun and good variety in the stages.

“The local trail builders have been doing a fantastic job to create such a wide network of amazingly varied trails that really keep you on your toes; hats off to the locals who have built them. It shows how a few people putting in a lot of hard work over the years can generate such an amazing experience for so many people coming here.

“The night stage was stunning, you had to concentrate pretty hard to see where you were going but to see the trail of 200 lights of the other riders going through the bush was pretty spectacular.”

Mary Pickavance, from Ballarat, Victoria

“It’s beautiful to come up here for some sunshine and dry trails. I’ve wanted to do this event for a long time and I’ve been really enjoying it. I particularly liked the night stage, it was very unusual riding and quite awesome.

“I came early for the event so I could have a look around Alice Springs and then I’m going to squeeze in a hot air balloon ride on Monday morning before I fly home.”

Leonie Thom, from Queensland

“The single track is just divine; it’s been an amazing event. I came up early to practice on the trails and take photos and see the scenery and I’ve loved it.”

David Speakman, from Alice Springs

“It’s been an awesome week, we love it. I rode trails today I’ve never ridden before. It’s awesome having so many visitors here. I’ve been sharing snakes, lollies and stories with other riders during the race and they just can’t believe how good the trails are here, they’re blown away.

Debbie Rogers, from Warrnambool, Victoria

“The night race was definitely my favourite stage; I’ve never done any night riding before and I had a ball. The event atmosphere has been great, I’ve loved it. Back at the accommodation you get to mingle with everyone and kick back by the pool.”

Check out the photos highlights from the event on the Rapid Ascent Events Facebook page.


For further information on the event visit



Marco Fontana Previews the Val di Sole XCO Track

The Val di Sole cross-country track has undergone some modifications since the last World Cup race took place here in 2013.

There has been some heavy construction on the 4.1km-long Italian course in preparation for this World Cup round, with some new sections – the new school section and corratec section – integrated into an already technical course full of rooty singletrack.

Get an insight into those new areas and other parts of the course with Cannondale rider and home favourite Marco Fontana as he takes us on a lap of the Val di Sole track.

Watch the World Cup cross-country races from Val di Sole here LIVE on Sunday, August 23.

Claudio vs Val di Sole with Connor Fearon

The Val di Sole track in Italy is a brutally technical maiden. Packed with slippery roots and plenty of rocks, it drops steeply through the forest into the valley floor. The 2,200m long course has had a facelift for 2015, with more line choices and northshore added to the classic track.

Regarded as one of the most technical downhill runs in the world, the Italian course is going to be an incredible showdown for the season-ender. With the overall downhill title still to be clinched, it’s set to be a weekend of fast and furious racing.

Watch the action unfold right here on Saturday, August 22.

On Track With Curtis Keene – Symphony Of Skills – S2E3

Wild weather, slippery courses and the continued search for speed and fitness are all on the menu as Curtis and the rest of the athletes of the Enduro World Series travel to Scotland.

Riding a bike in difficult conditions like these is one thing, but racing a bike in the mud and the cold is something else completely different.

As Curtis continues to search for the pieces of the puzzle he’ll need to get back into the Top 15, one of the EWS’s main contenders sees his season crushed due to injury. Aggressive racing, harsh Weather and a new Series leader will all emerge from the woods of Peebles.

N1NO – #huntforglory Chapter 5 – In Search of the Beginning

N1NO`s 5th chapter of his #huntforglory webisode is all about a journey to the roots of Mountain biking. The 3x MTB World Champion meets one of the Godfathers of Mountain biking, Tom Ritchey, at his home in Skyline, Northern California.

N1NO-The Hunt for Glory_Chapter 5_2015_BIKE_SCOTT Sports_24 (1)

Tom Ritchey is the guy who was already racing bicycles, which we call “Mountain bikes” today, back in the 1970s on his backyard trails in the hills of Skyline and Santa Cruz. He built the first Mountain bike frame, and since those early days, every new invention has been chased by another.

N1NO-The Hunt for Glory_Chapter 5_2015_BIKE_SCOTT Sports_02 N1NO-The Hunt for Glory_Chapter 5_2015_BIKE_SCOTT Sports_22

Over the years Tom’s focus has shifted from frame building to component design, but his obsession with functional, lightweight and reliable equipment has not wavered. Many Ritchey designs and manufacturing methods have become industry standards.

N1NO-The Hunt for Glory_Chapter 5_2015_BIKE_SCOTT Sports_35 N1NO-The Hunt for Glory_Chapter 5_2015_BIKE_SCOTT Sports_33

Mountain bike racing has always been something Tom Ritchey has been passionate about. 3x World Champion Thomas Frischknecht was part of Ritchey`s Racing team in the 1990’s. Still today, Tom creates World Championship winning parts for the top guys like N1NO. As a Co-Sponsor of SCOTT-Odlo MTB Racing, Tom contributes to the Team`s success with innovative products and his experience.

“Tom Ritchey is a pretty down-to-earth guy. It`s amazing to meet and ride with this legend, and it`s a privilege to have him on our side. Check out Chapter 5 and watch how we treated the trails, of which Tom stated, “That`s where it all started”. ”

Nino Schurter.

N1NO-The Hunt for Glory_Chapter 5_2015_BIKE_SCOTT Sports_21 N1NO-The Hunt for Glory_Chapter 5_2015_BIKE_SCOTT Sports_08N1NO-The Hunt for Glory_Chapter 5_2015_BIKE_SCOTT Sports_06

Mt Buller to bring its pump track to the city for three very special nights

It might be the thick of the snow season at Mt Buller, but the team behind Bike Buller’s world-class mountain bike park is already getting set to launch head-first into another huge summer of riding, kicking off with three very special events in Melbourne this September, October and November.

The Bike Buller Pump Track Sessions will see Mt Buller’s Subaru Pump Track make the journey from the mountains to the city and set up in a giant warehouse at Essendon Fields for three night-time pump track sessions, complete with DJs, food truck, bar and more. The Subaru Pump Track will be open for general use, and a competition session will see riders battle it out for a sensational prize pool including $1000 cash for the winner. The Mt Buller crew will be on hand spreading the word about what’s new and what’s happening this summer, and the team from Monza Imports will be there with bikes available to demo on the track.

Bike Buller

Marketing Director for Mt Buller Resort Management, Amber Gardner, said the Bike Buller Pump Track Sessions are a great chance to shake off the winter blues and get ready to hit the mountains. “We’re super excited about bringing the Subaru Pump Track to Melbourne!

“It gives us the chance to bring a piece of the Mt Buller Bike Park to the city, hang out with our loyal customers and industry partners and really get the countdown to summer started.”

“After the launch of the Australian Alpine Epic trail last summer which saw us enjoy record numbers of people hitting our trails, we’re looking forward to another massive season of mountain biking here on Buller all summer long. We can’t wait to bring the Bike Buller buzz to Melbourne for three special nights!”

Bike Buller Pump Track Sessions

When? Wednesday 23 September, Wednesday 14 October and Wednesday 18 November 2015.

Where? 249 Wirraway Rd, Essendon Fields, Melbourne, VIC.

Why? Because when else would you get the chance to hit Australia’s first modular pump track in a cool as hell warehouse set-up?

The Pines Revamped for the Margaret River Special Stage at Cape to Cape MTB in 2015

The Lowdown on The Pines and Margaret River Special Stage.

Planning Finalised for Stage 3 of 2015 Cape to Cape MTB

Following his recent trip to Margaret River to meet with the various event stakeholders and to be briefed on the logging developments in The Pines, Cape to Cape MTB Race Director Jason Dover and his team have now worked to finalise the course for Stage 3 of this year’s event.  Given the doubts surrounding the logging impact on trails in the area the event management team have agreed to release the full details of the planned course for our riders.
Pretty much the only thing that will remain the same for the Margaret River Special Stage in 2015 is the start and finish!
Stage 3 will start again in 2015 with a controlled rollout from Xanadu Winery through the main streets of town enroot to the restart at Carters Road.  From here the course will be changed up after the start down Carters Road.  Instead of the previous alignment around the river and out to the private estate at Freshwater Drive which we will this year send you straight into The Pines and up the fire road climb on the western boundary and straight out to the Burnside loop to break up the field.  The plan is again to use the Return of the Jedi sections of single track break offs back to The Pines that include the new Princess Leia, the Dark Side and Use The Force.
Back into The Pines you will climb up a wide fire road to allow for overtaking.  With the change to the logging plans we now expect to be able to include a great section of trails straight away that will include Mr NiceAunt Lou, the extended Lilly Trailand then back up and down into Whoop Whoop. Riders will then face another fire road climb to allow for overtaking before hitting the sweet berms of Noodle Bowlthen making their way over to Long Macchiato then a nice fire road climb back to the top of Big Pine.  After screaming down this flowing mecca The Pines will culminate with a technical test as the course takes Rock N Root into Hoodiesbefore finding the Rails Trail below.
It is from here on that the course gets really interesting as our Race Director has reached into the history books and pulled out a number of old trails from his bag of tricks.  Riders will next climb a large fire road up to Wharncliffe Mill before enjoying a blast back down to the river on one of the first trails ever built for mountain biking in Margaret River. This will then connect into the Chimney Trail as it flows along the river bank before a technical rocky section bring a challenging climb back up to the main settlement of Wharncliffe Mill. The course will then cross over to the top ofRiverglen and use a series of trails opened up for the 2009 event linking into Minnie Keenan trail and the series of tracks around the river back into town.
Here the course crosses town at the newly opened Hairy Marron before taking a leafy flowing track that winds east out to the river crossing that is more picturesque than words can describe.  Look right as you ride over the bridge crossing for a postcard view of the Margaret River or left if you prefer the crashing waterfalls as the water spills over the weir on it’s way into town.  Once across the river the course winds toward the old alignment out to Colonial with one nasty sting left in the planned course alterations for 2015.  To get to Swing Road this year and the last section of single track riders will traverse The Powerlines due north, a climb set to test the toughest of competitors.  But once conquered riders can enjoy a quick section of closed in forest trails via Swing Rd, out toward Colonial Brewery with onlyOne Last Hill remaining in their way. 
The current planned course distance for Stage 3 this year sits at 45km plus a 7km neutral rollout.  Whilst this is a little shorter than previous years we feel riders will appreciate the distance chosen as the percentage of single track and technical riding will be far greater than in any other year.

In summarising the changes planned for this year, Race Director Jason Dover said;

“We are super excited to release this course information for 2015 and expect a sold out field to celebrate in the ultimate style a last hurrah for The Pines and a nod to many of the old trails used in past events as we look forward to a new era coming for mountain biking in Margaret River.”

For more info, visit the Cape to Cape MTB website.


The Sundown Shootout Revamped for 2015


They say a change is as good as a holiday.  So while you may enjoy a week away at the Cape to Cape MTB our race team have got busy making some exciting changes to the Sundown Shootout for this year’s event.

The Sundown Shootout will remain on the Friday afternoon in The Pines between 4pm and 5pm.  But this year the location will be moved from the finish line at Woop Woop to instead start and finish in the one location at Noodle Bowl.  This change is expected to add to the excitement for both spectators and the elite riders as riders will start from right next to the finish line.

The planned course is 1.2km and will see riders head from the start onto Rock N Root climbing to the top of Hoodies before ripping over for the descent down Noodle Bowl with the goal to claim their place on the Red Bull hot seat.  The highlight for spectators is sure to be the two huge berms in the middle of Noodle Bowl and the opportunity to see Australia’s best mountain bikers hit these sections at warp speed as they race for the $1000 winners cheque.

For more info, visit the Cape to Cape MTB website.

Brosnan On Top at Canadian Open DH

The Crankworx World Tour concluded Sunday with perfect runs from near locals, Troy BROSNAN (AUS) and Casey BROWN (CAN), both of whom have spent time living in Whistler.

This was the third time Brosnan had challenged the Canadian Open DH presented by iXS and he had his eye on the win from the get go.

“I knew I had a really good chance this year. My run was pretty much perfect, but I’m super glad to take the win, and it’s just a really good confidence booster for the rest of the World Cup season. And to do it in front of everyone on the same day that Slopestyle is on, it’s pretty crazy,” he said.


Sunday marked the last day of the 10-day Crankworx Whistler festival and the biggest day it has ever had. After rain showers forced a postponement of Red Bull Joyride on Saturday, the event was moved to Sunday morning placing the two biggest events of the festival back to back. The Canadian Open DH is one of the largest downhill races in North America and the crowds on site following the double bill revelled in the all the action in what appeared a difficult downhill.

“The conditions were so wet in the morning. They really dried up over the day, but it was still really slippery in the woods,” said Casey BROWN (CAN), winner of the women’s race.


Brown was thrilled with the win as it occurred on home turn, in front of family, after a long stint on the road.

“It’s been a couple years since I’ve taken the win, 2012 was the last time, so it’s awesome to ride that track again, especially against some of my best friends and the people I race against every weekend in the World Cup,” she said.

The Canadian Open Downhill marks the conclusion of the inaugural Crankworx World Tour, and it came down to the final standings of the race to determine who would be crowned the first King of the Crankworx World Tour.


The season-long chase for the crown saw Bernard KERR (GBR), Adrien LORON (FRA), and Sam BLENKINSOP (NZL) dancing around the top, though as the announcers pointed out during Red Bull Joyride, a crushing win from Brett RHEEDER (CAN) could even have put him in contention.


Finally coming out on top, after earning his very first Crankworx win in the D.S.&S. in Les 2 Alpes and a string of top 10 finishes, Kerr said he set the goal right out of the gate and then just gave it his all.


“I didn’t know how hard it was going to be, but it’s been hard. Starting in New Zealand, I knew if I tried to do some events there it would be a good kick off to the year to try and create some confidence. Once I did good there, I knew it was on and I needed to make it happen,” he said.

Known as an all-round rider who has always raced multiple events Crankworx, Kerr noted, as far as he’s concerned, taking it all on is just how racing is done.


“I always used to race Fourcross and dirt jumps and event since that I’ve always just wanted to (race). I just did it. I thought that was what you do, I think,” he said.

The first winner of the Queen of the Crankworx World Tour, meanwhile, had nothing to fear and no one chasing her, but her own precariously tough mindset.

Well out in front for the entire year, Anneke BEERTEN (NED) brought home an amazing first place in the standings, punctuated by an almost unimaginable string of stitches.


“It’s been a bit of a rough last couple of weeks because I raced in Colorado for the Enduro World Series and I had to get stitches. The stitches were just out for one day and then I crashed again here and I had to get stitches again in my elbow and my hip. I’m just bruised up and stiff. But when you’re here, I don’t know, I was just able to keep riding and push through and survive,” she said.

Nothing it’s never over until it’s over, Beerten said she worried the entire season that Casey BROWN (CAN), who is a great all-round athlete, or Jill KINTNER (USA), a dominate downhiller, would hit their stride and suddenly take her out.

“I’m so stoked. I love racing Crankworx events. They’re so big and well organized. Winning them is just great,” she said.

Women’s Results:

1. Troy Brosnan (AUS)

2. Mark Wallace (CAN)

3. Sam Blenkinsop (NZL)


Men’s Results:

1. Casey BROWN (CAN)

2. Miranda MILLER (CAN)        

3.  Tracey HANNAH (AUS)

Brandon Semenuk Revels in the Glory of Third Consecutive Red Bull Joyride Win

Behind every cloud is a silver lining, and despite a one day rain delay which forced the postponement of the most highly anticipated event of the week-long Crankworx Whistler festival, Red Bull Joyride hit the mountain on August 16th showcasing slopestyle mountain biking under near perfect weather conditions. 

Watch the complete event replay here: REPLAY PLEASE!

Anthony Messere - Action

Nicholi Rogatkin, Brandon Semenuk, Thomas Genon - Winners
Nicholi Rogatkin, Brandon Semenuk, Thomas Genon – Winners.
Greg Watts performs a 360 X-Up during the finals of the Red Bull Joyride event in Whistler, Canada on August 16th, 2015.
Greg Watts performs a 360 X-Up during the finals of the Red Bull Joyride event in Whistler, Canada on August 16th, 2015.

The Red Bull Signature Series event featured 18 of the world’s top athletes in a season-defining showdown that marked the final stop of the Crankworx World Tour and the last required win for the Triple Crown of Slopestyle. 

It was Squamish local Brandon Semenuk who took fist place, making this his third consecutive Red Bull Joyride victory.  Flawless back to back runs that featured his signature technicality quickly put him in the lead in what was by far the most confident performance of his season, delivering big tricks including two cork 720’s, an opposite truckdriver and backflip tailwhip to one foot can.  “The earlier part of the year was tough for me, and to finally get a good run down the hill felt so good after two events where I wasn’t riding my best.  But I so badly wanted to put this one together and it kept unfolding the way I was hoping for”, said Semenuk. 

Thomas Genon - Action
Thomas Genon.

For Brett Rheeder, it was an opportunity to potentially make history as the first ever athlete to win all three stops of the Triple Crown series after a stellar season that saw him take the podium wins in both Crankworx Rotorua and Les 2 Alpes.  Despite being the odds-on favourite to win the third stop in Whistler, falls on both his first and second runs unfortunately put him out of reach of the podium. 

Brandon Semenuk - Lifestyle
Brandon Semenuk .

Following hot on Semenuk’s heels was Nicholi Rogatkin of the US with a second place that saw him take the podium at Red Bull Joyride for the first time in his career.  With two strong runs, he was within site of gold with a score of 93.80, only 3.04 points behind Brandon Semenuk.  Third place went to Thomas Genon of Germany.  A full summary of results can be found here

Nicholi Rogatkin - Action
Nicholi Rogatkin.

Saturday’s rain was a blessing in disguise, arriving at a time when Whistler has seen some of the driest conditions so far this season.  Although the wet conditions were deemed unsafe at the time of competition, the water helped to dampen the dusty course making the dirt much takier by Sunday, giving riders the extra traction they hope for. “The course was about the same speed as yesterday, but the wind really mellowed out today making it pretty much perfect.  It was a little exhausting coming at this on a second day after getting so ready yesterday (Saturday), but it’s turned out really well” said Semenuk.

Much of the crowd returned to the Whistler Plaza on Sunday with over 25,000 hardcore mountain bike fans cheering from the sidelines of the Whistler Bike Bike.

The State of Slopestyle with Brandon Semenuk & Brett Rheeder

Red Bull Joyride 2015 Course Preview

The Return of Red Bull Joyride

The Story of Red Bull Joyride 2014

Martyn Ashton rides again, popping wheelies on an e-bike

Martyn Ashton rides again with the help of an e-bike!

First test of my new bike electric power opening up tons of new possibilities! Can’t wait to start filming my new video on this beast.‪#‎JoinTheRide‬ Robin Kitchin Productions ‪#‎Animal‬ ‪#‎GMBN‬

In July Martyn Ashton and friends made this incredible video, if you’ve not seen this yet – it’s a must watch.

Andreu Lacondeguy and Casey Brown Crowned Whip-Off Champions


The top 20 riders in the finals, down from 120, absolutely threw down on Crabapple Hits early Thursday afternoon. Casey BROWN (CAN) and Andreu LACONDEGUY (ESP) were named the 2015 Official Whip-Off World Champions, making Brown the owner of the women’s division.


Judge Duncan Riffle said competitors are judged on how far they whip it, how in control they can keep it, how big they go, and their overall fluidity.

“We had the biggest showing of talent we’ve ever seen. It was so difficult to narrow it down to the top five,” said Riffle. “Overall, the whip is about aesthetics. It all comes down to how cool it looks. Whips feel amazing to execute and they look even cooler. It’s poetry in the air. I love the whip.”

19941835723_f26bd78b63_k 20562713955_02eaf57929_k 20374706828_c39a5ca5cf_k 19941833183_ac5c8ff050_k 19940098584_53a67f46cd_k 20376003279_1b80f7d5ee_k 20374698290_f76abefd2a_k 20562716835_da6ece38b2_k

First-time champion, Lacondeguy, was giving it everything he had.

“I’m stoked! I’ve never won a whip-off before and I was just whipping it as hard as I could,” says Lacondeguy. “I saved it all for the end and whipped my biggest whip on my final run.”

Red Bull Joyride trail builder, Dustin GILDING (CAN), sent the crowd into a frenzy by whip-bonking a “my mom whips better than you” sign twice, and received an honourable mention.

Brown showed up to defend her title as World Champion, after winning in Crankworx Rotorua, by beating out some tough competition. The commentators remarked that Brown whipped so hard she was almost indistinguishable from the guys out on the course.


Official Whip-Off World Championships Presented by Spank

Women’s Results:

1. Casey BROWN (CAN)

2. Lorraine BLANCHER (CAN)



Men’s Results:


2. Bernardo CRUZ (BRA)

3. Ryan HOWARD (USA)


Adrien Loron Pushes Hard to Win The Ultimate Pump Track Challenge Presented By RockShox

The Crankworx Whistler Pump Track saw a serious battle Thursday evening with Adrien LORON (FRA) coming in, game face on, to carve out a name for himself as the first Pump Track Series winner.


Loron and Joost WICHMAN (NED), the Pump Track Champion from Crankworx Rotorua, went head to head in the quarter finals, eliminating Wichman, one of the top three Pump Track competitors in the world, by mere millimetres well before the end of the night, and leaving Loron to face a Crankworx legend.

Paul BASAGOITIA (USA) is credited with launching such a slick line of tricks off the Slopestyle course in 2005—wearing only a half lid helmet and jeans—that he literally put the sport, and the event, on the map. Returning to the pump track podium, he was ecstatic with the results of the night.


“It feels amazing,” said Basagoitia. “I’m pretty excited to be back on the podium. Different discipline, so it’s good to know that I could maybe have another ten years in something else.”

By winning the Ultimate Pump Track Challenge, Loron also became the Pump Track Challenge Series winner.  “This is so awesome for me,” said Loron. “Basagoitia was the only guy who has never lost to me, and he is such an awesome rider.”

The women’s final saw Beerten and Kintner in a battle of wills. Working with two sets of stitches from the Official World Whip-Off Championships earlier in the day, Beerten fought hard to take silver, which placed her in the first spot as the Pump Track Challenge Series winner.


“Right now everything is numb, but I think tonight and tomorrow I’ll be pretty sore,” she said, lifting a corner of her shirt to show the wide swath of bandages concealing her wounds.

Beerten will be back to race the Dual Slalom Friday as she makes her way toward Queen of the Crankworx World Tour.

MTBA Announce World Champs Team

MTBA is pleased to announce those riders selected to represent Australia at the upcoming UCI Mountain Bike and Trials World Championships in Vallnord, Andorra from August 31 to September 6.

Headlining the strong 39-member Australian team, will be downhill sensation Troy Brosnan, who has been in the mix all season long in the UCI World Cup, and will be hoping to improve on his third placed medal last year in Hafjell. In the junior men, Australia boasts a strong contingent of medal chances, most notably Andrew Crimmins and Jackson Frew. 

























































































DH (Reserve)
































In the elite women’s downhill, Tracey Hannah will be looking to replicate the form that saw her grab bronze two years ago in Pietermaritzburg, while reigning junior world champion Tegan Molloy will keep everyone on their toes having made the step up to the elite class. 

In the elite men’s cross country, Daniel McConnell will be chasing his first world championships medal, buoyed by his fifth placed performance at the World Cup round in Windham last weekend. Rebecca Henderson will lead the charge in the elite women, looking to improve on her 15th place last year.

Finally, Janine Jungfels offers another strong medal prospect for Australia in the women’s Observed Trials, after coming off an impressive second place in last weekend’s World Cup, and will be our only female OT representative.  

MTBA President Russ Baker congratulated the members of the Australian Team on their selection and emphasised the importance on competing on the world stage.   

“It is a great honour to be selected to represent your country and this team of our best riders provides a mix of experienced world-level campaigners together with some for whom this will be the first time they wear the green and gold,” Baker said.

“I would like to congratulate all the riders on their achievement in making the team and wish them well in Andorra. While we have medal prospects in all disciplines, all these Australians will benefit from the exposure to the highest level of competition available, and we will all be supporting you from back home. Good luck.”

Please note that any appeal against a decision of the selectors, “must be lodged within 48 hours of the public announcement of the selections on the MTBA website,” as dictated under section 6.2 of the ‘General Selection Eligibility Criteria and Appeals Guide.’ 

However, because of the impending weekend, MTBA is prepared to extend this period by a further 48 hours. As such all appeals must be lodged no later than 6pm EST, Tuesday August 18, 2015.

For more information, please visit this link:

You can follow the fortunes of our Aussie time as they take on the world via our website and social media platforms.

The Six Finalist Videos From Crankworx 2015 Deep Summer

As spectators from afar and lovers of mountain bike photography, our favourite event of Crankworx Whistler is the Deep Summer Photo Challenge.

Each year, six photographers are selected to undertake the challenge. In 72 hours with a team of riders they must come up with a slideshow of photographs, here are all the six entries for 2015.

20538894221_13f7fb7ad0_k Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 9.16.00 am

2015 Deep Summer Winner – Sam Needham ‘Life is a Journey’


Gary Perkin ‘The Ways Of Man’.

Grant Robinson ‘Ride For Your Life’

Ryan Worcester – The Illusion vs. The Experience

Laurence Crossman-Emms

Tim Koerber


Highlights from the night at Crankworx.

Stevie Smith Takes Back His Race, The Fox Air DH

Three times appeared to be the charm for triple Fox Air DH winner Stevie Smith, though the trio of ankle injuries which brought him to Wednesday evening’s win left him more rattled than he could have imagined.

Over the course of the last year, the man who stood on the sidelines in 2014 and watched Mick HANNAH (AUS) crush the event he previously owned has been through more ups and downs than he experienced shuttling logging roads in Lady Smith, B.C. He and his mom have famously tackled the rugged terrain daily for years to bring him to the pinnacle of the downhill mountain biking scene, but 2015 put serious strain on the dream.

Steve Smith1

“I’ve gone through three injuries on one ankle, so each one of those I was trying to get back to where I needed to be—and then another setback, and then another setback. It’s been hard on the brain,” said Smith as he gave his interviews in the finish corral after besting Sam Blenkinsop for the win.

20344427008_07b46ed525_z 20532465745_b12334e2ae_z

Smith spent the year cultivating that vision of being on top, but quickly discovered the comeback climb would not mean jumping back in for first place finishes in the World Cup circuit. Finally rounding the curve on normal, he glowed under the blistering afternoon sun as he took in the victory.


“I’m 25 years old, and really healthy, and I even got shingles last year due to stress. So it proves how hard (injury) is on the brain. A broken ankle is no big deal. You can deal with that, but one after another after another. To be out here racing and just riding my bike is a dream come true,” he said.

Known as the heart of Crankworx Whistler, the Fox Air DH rolls down the Whistler Mountain Bike Park’s most iconic trails. Every turn is a berm. Every jump is a tabletop and every moment is a battle of mind over matter.

Some 375 racers dropped the 1200 vertical feet of non-stop bank and boost Wednesday before a live webcast and hundreds of mountain biking fans. With more than one racer in little more than their pads and shoes, it also kicked of the raucous revelry so iconic to the Whistler leg of the Crankworx World Tour.

Winning it for the women, American racer Jill KINTNER said it is this course, and knowing every bump and turn, that really launches her week.

Jill Kintner

“I was just kind of in a happy place and I had a good run,” said the Seattle resident. “I know this course really well, every little cranny—what to jump, what not to jump. It helps being fairly local.”

Riding dry trails in the heat, Kintner said she tried one practice run on a light ride and quickly bailed out.

20506209946_35835539e0_z“I did one run on my trail bike and felt sketchy as hell, so I was like I’m not riding this thing. Had I put time into changing my tires and getting the right disc-rotors on there, it could have been good, but it’s kind of a fine line between how far you want to push it versus rolling speed. So I went with my downhill bike,” said Kintner.

With the Fox Air DH done, there is just one race left in the Crankworx DH Championships—the Canadian Open DH. It will be the final event of Crankworx Whistler, scheduled for the day after Red Bull Joyride.


Women’s Results:

1. Jill Kintner (USA)

2.  Anneke Beerten (NED)

3. Casey Brown (CAN)

Men’s Results:

1. Stevie Smith (CAN)

2. Sam Blenkinsop (GBR)

3. Harry Heath (GBR)

Tomorrow.. We have a day packed with Crankworx favorites as we take to Crabapple Hits for The Official Whip-Off World Championships along with the Ultimate Pump Track Challenge presented by RockShox in Whistler Olympic Plaza. Check out the LIVE webcast for the Ultimate Pump Track Challenge presented by RockShox Thursday, August 13  7 – 9 p.m. Canada, 4 – 6 a.m. Europe (August 14), 2 – 4 p.m. New Zealand (August 14).

Crankworx LIVE webcast schedule:

Ultimate Pump Track Challenge presented by RockShox Thursday, August 13  7 – 9 p.m. Canada, 4 – 6 a.m. Europe (August 14), 2 – 4 p.m. New Zealand (August 14)


Giant Dual Slalom Friday, August 14  5-7 p.m. Canada, 2 – 4 a.m. Europe (August 15), noon – 2 p.m. New Zealand (August 15)


Red Bull Joyride Saturday, August 15  4:30 – 8 p.m. Canada, 1:30 a.m. – 5 a.m. Europe (August 16), 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. New Zealand (August 16)


Canadian Open DH presented by iXS  Sunday, August 16 3 – 5 p.m. Canada, midnight – 2 a.m. Europe (August 17), 10 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. New Zealand (August 17)

New Blue Derby Website with Trail Cam – A World First

Dorset Council is excited to announce the launch of a new website for the Blue Derby Mountain Bike Trails! The new Ride Blue Derby website is LIVE  – And the trails will reopen after winter maintenance works this weekend:

In a world first, mountain bikers will also be able to check out the current riding weather on the new website! The Blue Derby Trail Cam will feed LIVE footage directly to the website, with no slow hourly updates or boring single-frame shots often seen on online Snow Cams.

You can now see how hard the wind is blowing, how bright the sun is shining, and if your best mate has taken off to the trails without you!

Blue Derby 1

In fact, the Ride Blue Derby website has loads of great new features! Merchandise, including jerseys, t-shirts, caps, drink bottles, stickers and magnets can all be purchased from the website. Blue Derby merchandise is only available through the website or, at present, local businesses in Derby. All proceeds from the sale of online merchandise goes directly towards funding the maintenance of our beloved Blue Derby Trails, so buyers have the added bonus of giving something back to the trails that have given them so much enjoyment!

Blue Derby 14

With an improved layout and content on the new Ride Blue Derby website, riders can easily access all the information they could possibly need for planning their next trip to the trails! Trail routes and ratings are clearly shown on an interactive online map with PDF download option, and you can easily browse accommodation options, places to eat and anything else you could possibly need to know!

The website is designed around the Blue Derby slogan of RIDE, EXPLORE, LIVE. Top of everyone’s list will be RIDE – What trails are in the Blue Derby network? How hard are they? How do I get there? – find the answers to these questions and more! Check out what else is on offer in and around Derby under the EXPLORE menu – What options are there for a meal? Where can I stay? What else is there to do in the region? – there’s plenty to choose from in north-east Tasmania! And for those that just can’t get enough of the trails, come and LIVE a bit closer!

In addition to an awesome network of mountain bike trails, this special part of the world provides the perfect lifestyle with a suite of education and health services, and a full range of work and investment opportunities available in the Dorset and Break O’Day municipalities.

Blue Derby 12

In addition to all this, there’s the opportunity for riders to provide feedback and upload videos of the trails. Those visiting Blue Derby for the first time will be able to see what other riders have thought of each section of trail, and any hot tips they may have for conquering Dam Busters or perfectly executing Berms and Ferns…

So make sure you check out and see the Blue Derby Trails like they’ve never been seen before!

Blue Derby 24

And local businesses that would also like to be included on the website listings can easily fill out an online form for their details to be uploaded: 

The Blue Derby Trails were funded by the Australian Government’s Regional Development Australia Fund.

Flow visited Blue Derby, did we love it?? YES!

Click for our destination feature on Derby.


Justin Leov’s diary #6 – EWS Whistler

Sitting on the couch with my arm in a sling was the last thing I thought I would be doing at the end of the Whistler EWS.

My series lead took all of about 2 minutes to disappear in Stage 1.


I lost my wheels on a slippery wooden bridge and knew as I hit the ground that my shoulder was dislocated. The next 45 minutes walking off the mountain I experienced some of the greatest pain I have known in my career. Getting to the hospital and finally getting it back in along with some pain relief was like heaven. A big thank you to the guys who helped me off the mountain, your support was really appreciated! I am now left with the thoughts of what could have been for the remainder of my season.

Injuries aren’t something you ever plan for, but in the back of your mind you know they can strike at any moment. It goes without saying that I am pretty gutted at the timing of this injury. Although my shoulder was separated and relocated fairly simply, there is a break inside the shoulder which needs to be fixed. This means surgery and a 3-6 month intensive recovery period. I have chosen to fly back to New Zealand for this. Sadly I have to sit out the remaining EWS rounds in Spain and Italy.

Looking back it’s been one hell of a year and I must remind myself that I have  achieved a lot. My first win in Scotland was a highlight for sure but also having consistent speed each weekend has been a huge confidence booster for me. Knowing that my training and equipment is dialled and where it needs to be to challenge for wins is also reassuring knowledge. I will carry these positive points forward and build on them for next season to come back stronger, faster and hungrier for the win.

I’ve been stoked this year to see new competitors pushing hard and being rewarded with exceptional results. Greg Callahan in Ireland was a perfect example. That whole race was incredible, I will remember the amazing crowd at that event for the rest of my life, it was a privilege to stand on the podium in 2nd at that round and soak up the atmosphere! Richie Rude is another example of an exceptional athlete making a name for himself. The younger guys are on the charge which keeps us “experienced” racers on our toes. That’s only good news for the racing and means exciting nail biting finishes to come.


I must also say I think last week in Colorado was a reminder to us all how precious life is! Although I never met Will, we as mountain bikers all share the same passion and must remember how strong the bond is that we all share. Enjoy the trails and racing but appreciate your riding buddies. We’re all part of the same family!

EWSCrestedButte_STAGE1_ByADL-7514 copy

Lastly big thanks to my supporters behind the scenes who made this diary happen this year. Adidas eyewear for being so supportive and pulling it together for me. Théâtre des Opérations for the productions and keeping everything on time! My wife Tory and my manager Martin for editing my numerous grammatical errors and also you guys for reading and showing support!

Off to get a new shoulder now and start the road to recovery. Looking forward to seeing you guys out there real soon!

‘The Sickest Edit Ever’ Lives up to its Name at Dirt Diaries, Crankworx

Filmmaker Matt Dennison has done it again, winning the Crankworx Dirt Diaries mountain bike film competition for the second year in a row. Dennison’s film, ‘The Sickest Edit Ever,’ starring pro mountain biker Kyle Norbraten, was the last film of the night to screen, and had the massive audience in Whistler Olympic Plaza laughing and cheering throughout.

“I’m really proud of my film,” said Dennison, who won last year for the film ‘What I Do In Whistler.’ “I think it’s my best work yet.”

In the film, Norbraten plays a mountain biking vigilante, tasked with taking back the Whistler Mountain Bike Park from invading roller-bladers.

“I knew even with a weird concept and a funny idea, if there’s anyone that can execute it, it’s Matt,” said Norbraten. “He did an insanely good job.”

The winner was determined by a panel of judges, who said that while the competition was stiff, the winner was clear.

“It had the perfect combination of production value, cinematography and story,” said judge Darcy Wittenburg, “And most of all it was really really funny.”

In total, six five-minute films were screened. These included offerings from Joann Barelli and Mike Gamble, who took second prize, and $3000, for their mad-scientist film “Ze Lab,” Jesse Melamed and Max Berkowitz, who came in third, winning $2000, for the western parody “Gun Spoke,” as well as Charlie Sponsel with “Selling Out,” Remy Metailler and Vince Emond with “Cycle of Addiction,” and Sarah Leishman and Jasper Wesselman with “Full Circle.”

Event Organizer Seb Kemp says adding a bit of culture into the mix is something that truly sets Crankworx apart.

“It’s so fantastic that Crankworx recognizes the power, the impact, and the influence of these films, and the love mountain bikers have for filmmaking and, as we’ll see tomorrow night, for photography.”

He says unlike many other sports, movies seem to resonate with mountain bikers, and play a key role in the community.

“The filming is just as creative as a rider that comes up with a new line or crafts a trail. It’s just another extension of this sport being a very creative outlet.”

“Every year there’s a new generation of filmmakers that are influenced by what they’re seeing here today,” added Wittenburg. “If you go back 5, 10, 15 years, the level of progression that happens is huge.”

The creativity continues tomorrow night, as the Deep Summer Photo Challenge lights up the stage once again in Whistler Olympic Plaza. Six photographers will be showcasing a slideshow they put together over three set days shooting in the Sea to Sky corridor. $3500 in prize money is on the line, plus the chance to be named the King of Deep Summer. The show goes lives at 8:30 p.m. tomorrow, Wednesday, August 12.

Crankworx LIVE webcast schedule:

Fox Air DH TODAY! Wednesday, August 12  3:30 – 5:30 p.m. Canada, 12:30 a.m. – 2:30 a.m. Europe (August 13), 10 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. New Zealand (August 13)

Ultimate Pump Track Challenge presented by RockShox Thursday, August 13  7 – 9 p.m. Canada, 4 – 6 a.m. Europe (August 14), 2 – 4 p.m. New Zealand (August 14)


Giant Dual Slalom Friday, August 14  5-7 p.m. Canada, 2 – 4 a.m. Europe (August 15), noon – 2 p.m. New Zealand (August 15)


Red Bull Joyride Saturday, August 15  4:30 – 8 p.m. Canada, 1:30 a.m. – 5 a.m. Europe (August 16), 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. New Zealand (August 16)


Canadian Open DH presented by iXS  Sunday, August 16 3 – 5 p.m. Canada, midnight – 2 a.m. Europe (August 17), 10 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. New Zealand (August 17)


Steve Smith, Mark Wallace and the New Devinci Troy

No two mountains are the same. That’s why we storm the globe—from Rockies to Andes and beyond—stoked to caress and conquer every nuance.

Devinci’s All-Mountain Troy is the badass tasked to rip that apex terrain.

Powered by our Testing is Everything modus, a fifth generation Split-Pivot platform increases bottom-out force based on expert intel from DGR rippers like Stevie Smith.

Clean technical lines from top to bottom thanks to advanced team-inspired geometry. Power up steep climbs with intuitive handling aided by an axed-down 424 mm chainstay.

And harness the stability-enhancing benefits of Boost 148 rear-axle spacing for charging coastal backcountry terrain at ultra-high speeds. The All-Mountain Troy scores high marks wherever mountains loom. Point it toward the ranges and roam free.

Garbanzo DH Packs Its Usual Punch, Despite Unusual Set Up

Despite organisers’ attempts to mix it up for the Garbanzo DH, fans of the iconic Crankworx race likely felt a little déjà vu Wednesday as Claire BUCHAR and Marcelo GUTIERREZ VILLEGAS stepped atop the podium.

Claire Buchar

Taking the win for a second and third year, respectively, the Whistler local and Columbian dynamo both admitted they were not thrilled to see the course change this year, Gutierrez, in particular, having labelled it his favourite course in the world. Nevertheless, neither racer balked at the chance to best their contemporaries, powering down the epic quad-crusher under 30-degree Celsius heat.

“I’m not going to say it was fun because it’s one of those things that’s just so hard you can’t call it fun; but it was gratifying in the end,” said Buchar.

Considerably less technical and flatter, the new course is really the original Garbanzo DH course, a 3400-metre toll-taking test of mountain biking supremacy.

“It was so physical,” said Gutierrez. “I wasn’t really happy about it, but you just have to deal with it; so I changed bikes.”

Gutierrez initially tested the course on his downhill bike and made the switch to his enduro rig after the first run. He then spent his entire practice struggling not to get punctures, crossing his fingers he would not flat-out in the race.

Gutierrez has now secured first place in the Garbanzo six times—once as a junior, twice in second and the last three years as the overall victor. Outstripping his nearest competitor by 13 seconds, he certainly proved the dominant rider, though hardly the only hero of the day. Matt WALKER, of New Zealand, managed to keep himself in the top 20by walking his bike up the hills, after breaking his chain on a flat fire road section. Buchar, meanwhile, earned her win by little more than a second, declaring herself “wrecked” by the end of the day.

Now at the mid-point of Crankworx, the adult sports action is being matched, and at times surpassed, by the enthusiasm at Kidsworx. In its second year, it is attracting hundreds of young groms eager to follow in the footsteps and tire treads of their heroes. Some 170 competitors registered for Monday’s main attraction, the Kidsworx B-Line race, and those numbers were nearly matched Friday as 130 competitors took on the Kidsworx Village Crit, packed elbow to elbow at the start line in many age groups.

Garbanzo DH

Women’s Results:

1. Claire Buchar 14:43.15

2. Miranda Miller 14:44.35

3. Anneke Beerten 14:55.87


Men’s Results:

1. Marcelo Gutierrez Villegas 12:45

2. Chris Kovarik 12:58.24

3. Sam Blenkinsop 13:03.88

Tomorrow.. The heart of Crankworx returns. Fox Air DH is set up to hit the most iconic trails on Whistler Mountain where every turn is a berm, every jump is a tabletop and every moment is a battle of mind over matter. Over 375 riders have signed up for this adrenaline pumping ride. Get your rush on the Crankworx LIVE webcast running at 3:30 – 5:30 p.m. Canada, 12:30 a.m. – 2:30 a.m. Europe (August 13), 10 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. New Zealand (August 13).

Crankworx LIVE webcast schedule:

Fox Air DH Wednesday, August 12  3:30 – 5:30 p.m. Canada, 12:30 a.m. – 2:30 a.m. Europe (August 13), 10 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. New Zealand (August 13)

Ultimate Pump Track Challenge presented by RockShox Thursday, August 13  7 – 9 p.m. Canada, 4 – 6 a.m. Europe (August 14), 2 – 4 p.m. New Zealand (August 14)


Giant Dual Slalom Friday, August 14  5-7 p.m. Canada, 2 – 4 a.m. Europe (August 15), noon – 2 p.m. New Zealand (August 15)


Red Bull Joyride Saturday, August 15  4:30 – 8 p.m. Canada, 1:30 a.m. – 5 a.m. Europe (August 16), 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. New Zealand (August 16)


Canadian Open DH presented by iXS  Sunday, August 16 3 – 5 p.m. Canada, midnight – 2 a.m. Europe (August 17), 10 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. New Zealand (August 17)

Cam Zink: Reach For The Sky – Official Trailer

Freeride mountain biking is synonymous with danger, reward, adrenaline, and pushing the known boundaries of the sport.

Cam Zink sits atop the Freeride world having won the sport’s most coveted titles, the Red Bull Rampage, Crankworx Slopestyle, and the Freeride World Tour, yet those accolades have not come without a physical price. He has transcended cycling media, and his super-human feats have become broadcast television and Internet sensations.

“Reach For The Sky” features unique behind the scenes looks at Zink’s dramatic 2013 and 2014 Red Bull Rampage campaigns in Virgin, Utah; plus a one-of-a-kind portrayal of his record-breaking 100-foot backflip attempt at Mammoth Mountain—showcasing 100% never-before-seen footage. The movie explores the fascinating life story of one of the sport’s most beloved and diverse athletes, but also delves into the multi-layered psychological elements regarding physical punishment, fame, and self-doubt, to uncover why Zink perseveres through the adversity—even when no one is watching.

Written, Produced, Directed, and Edited by Ryan Cleek

Supported by Oakley, Deity, SRAM

Norco 2016 Highlights

Born in BC, Canada and still there, Norco have a core vibe about them, they feel like a small brand but are rich in mountain bike heritage. And while they have produced some fairly unsightly bikes in the past, we can only sing praises of their strong rise in recent years to become one amongst the best riding bikes available.

For 2016 there may not be too much new, (but do stay tuned for more) although what we did see when meandering through the room were bikes that were polished in all areas and ones that we could picture owning ourselves.

Here is what caught our eyes the most.

[divider]Norco Sight[/divider]

**Updated – rad our full review of the Sight C 7.2 here: Norco Sight C 7.2 reviewed.

The big news for the Norco Sight for 2016 is the bigger forks. Now a 150mm fork (previously 140mm) the front end is slackened off to a sweet 67 degrees, and with a change of carbon vendors Norco have modified the carbon layup to accommodate for the taller and stiffer forks.

With 140mm out back, and 150mm up front the Sight is a pretty dialled all-mountain bike with geometry that puts it between a hard charging enduro bike and a trail dually. In its first year the Sight Carbon wasn’t without its teething issues as we found out when testing the 2014 model. But each and every issue we had back then has been sorted, and the new 2016 Sight looks bloody amazing.

The eyeball warming Sight C 7.2 - $7999.
The eyeball warming Sight C 7.2 – $7249.

The Sight Carbon 7.2 was on display and available for demo on the sweet trails of Gap Creek, Brisbane. The two-tone matte red paint and excellent parts spec really turns heads.

Norco Sight 10
A Cane Creek Inline rear shock has a huge range of adjustment, letting riders really dial in the desired feel with excellent guidance from the Cane Creek website.
Norco Sight 6
A RaceFace single ring setup with added security via a Black Spire top guide. Canadian spec everywhere!

The Sight adopts Norco’s Gravity Tune sizing system. Where typically a bike size is determined by the length of the front end and the rear remains the same length, in Norco’s case the front and rear end of the bike will grow in length as the sizes increase. Gravity Tune sizing was developed on the Aurum doanhill bike, and is now found on all new Norco dual suspension bikes going forward.

Norco Sight Action 1
Josh from For The Riders giving the Sight a run.
The aluminium version - Sight A 7.1 for $4499.
The aluminium version – Sight A 7.1 for $4499.

Five versions of the 2016 Sight will make their way down under:

Sight A 7.2 – $3499

Sight A 7.1 – $4499 (green version pictured above)

Sight C 7.3 – $5499

Sight C 7.2 – $7249 (red version pictured above)

Sight C 7.1 – $8499

[divider]Norco Range[/divider]

A bike that we are very familiar with here at Flow, the Norco Range is a real winner in the big travel enduro segment. Now with longer travel forks like the Sight, you’ll find 170mm travel up front for 2016.

We had the 2015 Range on long term review, check it out here: Long Term Test – Norco Range C7.2

Norco Range  1
A fresh new look for the Range C 7.2 – $7999. A RockShox Lyric fork in all black will be specced, not the Pike pictured.

The head angle is slackened off a touch to 65.5 degrees, and a modified carbon layup is used to accommodate for the extra stress placed on the frame with a stiffer and taller fork, just like the Sight.

The bike we have pictured here will actually specced with an all-black RockShox Lyrik fork.

Norco Range  7

Norco Range  14
Cane Creek’s highly tuneable Double Barrel Air rear shock handles 160mm of travel.

Four levels of the Norco Range will be coming here:

Range A 7.1 – $4699

Range A 7.2 – $3699

Range C 7.3 – $5499

Range C 7.2 – $7999 (pictured above)

[divider]Norco Aurum[/divider]

For 2016 we’ll see Norco Australia bringing in the entire Aurum range, that is a huge three carbon and two aluminium versions of this burly downhill rig.

Norco Aurum 22
The top level carbon frame Aurum C7.1 – $8999.
Norco Aurum 25
Cane Creek rear shock on the top Aurum.

The frame is littered with features, the carbon Aurum 7.2 we saw used a clever integrated fender underneath the downtube. This multi purpose feature doubles up as a bump stop for the fork crowns and a shuttle guard to protect the frame when transporting over the back of a ute tray.

All the cable routing is also very neat, and well thought out, it must be a very silent bike to ride.

With a frame weight of 3300g for the carbon and 3750 for the aluminium, the Aurum pictured here is claimed to weight under 15.5kg, crazy light for a DH bike with coil sprung suspension front and back.

Norco Aurum 3
The coil sprung RockShox BoXXEr Team up front.

With a 142mm wide rear hub spacing, the Aurum is narrower than many of the current downhill bikes out there. It’s said to increase heel clearance, rear derailleur clearance and is made possible with the use of the SRAM XO1 DH 7-speed drivetrain.

Using Norco’s Gravity Tune concept, the rear-centre measurement of the bike is shorter for the smaller sized frames and longer in the larger frames. As opposed to traditional bike sizing (which simply lengthens the front-centre or top tube measurement in bigger sizes), the Gravity Tune concept is designed to keep the rider position consistent across the size range.

Five Norco Aurum’s are on their way soon:

Norco Aurum A 7.2 – $4199

Norco Aurum A 7.1 – $3099

Norco Aurum C 7.3 – $6399

Norco Aurum C 7.2 – $7499

Norco Aurum C 7.1 – $8999


Norco’s 29er carbon hardtail remains unchanged for 2016, but a dual suspension version may, or may not be coming soon…

We reviewed the 2015 27.5″ wheel Revolver here: Tested: Norco Revolver 7.1.

Going forward we’ll only be seeing the 29er Revolver land Down Under, the sleek carbon beauty suits the bigger wheels for cross country racing.

Norco Revolver 4
The carbon hardtail weapon – Revolver 9.1 for $4999.

The Revolver range is consists of two 29ers:

Norco Revolver 9.3 – $2899

Norco Revolver 9.1 – $4999

[divider]Fluid 40[/divider]

Want a decent bike for your kid? The Norco Fluid is now in 20″ and 24″ sizes for young shredders!

Norco Fluid 24 4
A RockShox fork and shock, chainguide, Maxxis tyres and hydraulic disc brakes!! That’s a real bike for a little person!

Two Fluid models for grommets:

Norco Fluid 20 (20″) – $1999

Norco Fluid 40 (24″ pictured) – $1999

Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming range at the Norco website, and in the meantime get down to your Norco dealer and get hassling!

New 2016 Lapierre Zesty AM & XM, First Look

It’s going to be a good year for Lapierre fans, the 2016 Zesty receives a whole lot of updates to an already brilliant bike with a clever suspension electronic suspension system.

We take a closer look at what’s new from Dijon, France.

2016 Lapierre Zesty 4

Gone from the Zesty range is the 29″ wheel, it’s an entirely 27.5″ affair going forward with an all-new 150mm travel Zesty AM and 120/130mm travel Zesty XM. They are lighter, longer and lower, with a new suspension configuration for extra awesomeness.

The new full carbon model will save a massive 500g from the previous frame, and 50g from the aluminium version. The XM and AM will share the same front end. The XM uses a shorter travel fork, shock and a parts kit to suit.

[divider]Zesty AM[/divider]

Say hello to a whole new long travel, all-mountain weapon.

The new Zesty AM uses 150mm of travel front and back, and their proprietary e:I Shock Auto on high end models. The O.S.T. suspension system is a ‘true four bar design’, with Lapierre’s take on the proven and popular Horst Link design similar to popular brands like Norco, Specialized, Avanti etc.

We were quick to notice the repositioned shock, mounting to the underside of the top tube (the earlier models were mounted to the downtube) making more space for a drink bottle in the process. The shock extender block has also gone, and now with a shorter stroke shock its said to better manage heat than before. The whole frame looks a lot smoother in the lines, less angular and with a subtle and understated finish that catches the sunlight and says ‘buy me’.

2016 Lapierre Zesty 61
Mmmm, the new Zesty AM 827.
2016 Lapierre Zesty 40
The little bit that goes ‘zap zap zap’. The tiny electronic motor changes the rear shock’s compression tune faster than humanly possible.
2016 Lapierre Zesty 56
Wider 760mm bars, yay!
2016 Lapierre Zesty 36
Slimmer seat stays, for greater clearance of rubbing heels when pedalling. Yay!

Top tubes are longer by 5mm and overall reach is 11mm linger, paired with shorter 55mm stems the new shape will feel stable yet quick to respond to riders input. Head angles are 0.5 degrees slacker than before, now at 66.5 degrees, and a shorter seat tube will allow the seat to drop further.

Chainstay length is 430mm, pretty ideal for a 150mm bike in our opinion.

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 6.13.24 pm
Lower, longer and slacker. Pretty much on-trend.

2016 Lapierre Zesty 60

The Lapierre suspension engineers have tweaked the e:i workings to suit the longer travel Spicy and Zesty, improved big hit performance and and the main pivot has moved in line with the main chainring (thanks to wider use of Shimano and SRAM’s single ring drivetrains) for better suspension action when pedalling,

Note the sensor hidden inside the crank spindle? That one tells the e:i system when you are pedalling, and how fast.
Note the sensor hidden inside the crank spindle? That one tells the e:i system when you are pedalling, and how fast.


Four models of the Zesty AM will make it Down Under, three carbon and one aluminium;

Zesty AM 327  – Green/Black/White $4499

Zesty AM 527 – Carbon/Cyan/Red $5999

Zesty AM 527 e:I – Carbon/Cyan/Red $7499

Zesty AM 827 e:I  – Carbon/Cyan/Orange $8999 (pictured above)

[divider]The Zesty XM[/divider]

Replacing the outgoing Zesty Trail with its 29″ wheels, the XM is a trimmed down version of the AM with 27.5″ wheels. Less travel and dressed in leaner components to suit a less aggressive ride character then the bigger travel XM.

2016 Lapierre Zesty 1
The all-new Lapierre XM 527 with e:i Shock.
2016 Lapierre Zesty 5
Everywhere you look, these carbon beauties are immaculately finished, the details are primo.
2016 Lapierre Zesty 31
120mm of rear wheel travel.
2016 Lapierre Zesty 9
Supremely fine finish.
2016 Lapierre Zesty 3
No need to adjust your shock, leave it on auto and just enjoy the ride.


We’ll be seeing five models of the Zesty XM here;

Zesty XM 327 – Cyan/Orange/Black $3999

Zesty XM 327 W – Light Blue/White/Green $3999

Zesty XM 527 – Carbon/Cyan/Orange $5999

Zesty XM 527 e:I Shock – Carbon/Cyan/Orange $6999

Zesty XM 827 e:I Shock – Carbon/Grey/Red $8999 (pictured above)

[divider]e:i Shock[/divider]

Lapierre have been pioneers with electronically adjustable damping for many years, the e:i Shock senses the terrain constantly to adjust the rear shock’s compression tune, making sure that you’re always in the right mode depending on the trail surface for climbing, sprinting or descending.

Over the years the e:i has been tweaked and refined with help from the one and only Nico Vouilloz.

Confused? Watch this video to help get your head around the e:i, it may sound complicated but actually simplifies how you ride and adjust your bike. Trust us, we’ve been fans of the concept since the beginning, but have certainly shared in the frustrations of a malfunctioning system, luckily those days look to be behind us with the latest generation.

Read a little about our past experiences with Lapierre’ and their e:i Shock bikes here:

Review: 2015 Lapierre Zesty Trail 829.

Long Term Test: Lapierre Zesty AM 729

e:i Shock explained.

Flow visits Lapierre in France!


For more info and dealer locations –

Trek Unveils E-Commerce Solution For Retailers in United States.

Trek has unveiled a new e-commerce platform designed to make its brick-and-mortar retailers more competitive in an increasingly digital marketplace.

NB: This program is launching only in the US, there is no further information how, when or even if it will be introduced in Australia.

Trek Connect E-commerce, unveiled to US retailers at the keynote address of the company’s annual retailer show, Trek World, will enable retailers to instantly have an online retail presence at no added cost to them. Beginning in September in the US, consumers will be able to shop Trek and Trek retailers whenever they wish with every single online sale made on benefiting a Trek retailer.

Every online sale made on will result in a service commission, a percentage of the overall sale, paid to the retailer of the consumer’s choosing. The company is supporting its retailers’ new omni-channel strategy with Trek Connect Retail Marketing—a suite of digital, direct mail, and seasonal POP assets available exclusively to Trek’s committed retailers.

“This is a massive investment in the long-term success of our brand and our retailers,” Trek President John Burke said. “We believe the most successful companies in the future will all be omni-channel enabled and we are doing everything we can to make sure that future for our retailers is bright.” 

Trek Connect E-commerce, available to Trek retailers at no cost, will be supported by Trek Connect Retail Marketing’s programs of seasonal brand campaigns, in-store merchandising, direct mail catalogs, search engine campaigns, automated email, and social media available at a nominal monthly fee.

Retailers that participate in Trek Connect Retail Marketing will also have exclusive access to Trek’s design team for assistance with the creation of visual marketing assets.

The product of a two-year long pilot program that included over 30 Trek retailers, Trek Connect was built from the direct feedback, experience, and needs of Trek retailers.

“I’ve been thinking a lot about what Trek Connect means to our customers and David’s World Cycle and it’s really pretty simple: Customers not only have more choices than ever but also have less time. Trek Connect addresses both,” said David Sanborn of David’s World Cycle. “We ask three questions at David’s World Cycle whenever we ask ourselves what to do: Is it good for our customers, is it good for our partners, and is it good for David’s World Cycle? Trek Connect is a yes on all three.”

Consumers will have the option to ship their online accessories purchases to their home address or to a retailer for pickup, a process referred to as ‘click and collect.’ All bikes ordered through will be shipped to the retailer of the consumer’s choosing for build and delivery or pickup. Trek retailers will receive a service commission regardless of the consumer’s chosen delivery method.

Trek Connect will launch in the United States in September. As a test market, the US will serve as a development program and enable the company to evaluate the potential for expansion to other markets globally.

Full Length Documentary: 2015 Port To Port MTB

In its second year, the Port to Port MTB was a bloody great time.

Four days of racing from Port Stephens, around the Hunter Valley, through the Awaba MTB Park and Glenrock MTB Park and finishing in the port of Newcastle.

Watch the fantastic documentary here, and perhaps we’ll see you at the start line in 2016?


Catch up with some more amazing imagery from this year’s event here:

Our preview of the 2015 course.

Stage 1, racing through sunny Port Stephens.

Stage 2, up a big hill behind the Hunter Valley Wineries.

Stage 3, Awaba Mountain Bike Park bliss!

Stage 4, the final day racing through Glenrock MTB Park and into Newcastle.

Bike check: Three fast 29ers from Port to Port.


Wait For Me! Claudio’s Windham DH Course Preview

This weekend the downhill racing will be coming live from the Windham, USA, and the rolling Catskill Mountains.

Course commentator Claudio has his work cut out this time around as he attempts to keep up with current World Cup leaderAaron Gwin.

Chasing America’s finest down the super fast Windham track was never going to be easy. Is Claudio up to the job? Will he manage to sing while he’s winning or go down trying?

Watch the course preview in the player below and find out what it’s like to put your body and soul on the line.

Remember you can watch the downhill racing LIVE via this link.

Shimano Turns Blue with 25th Anniversary Models

Celebrating 25 Years of the SPD, Shimano will release a limited run of blue M200 shoes, with matching M990 and M995 pedals.






PD-M9000 (left)





Return of The Rat: Mont-Saint-Anne DH Race Highlights

Mont-Sainte-Anne provided race fans with a spectacular race.

The brutal Canadian track, paired with the temperamental weather, birthed a slippy and unpredictable beast. Bikes and riders were flying down the course – and not necessarily together.

Relive the best bits in the video, courtesy of the Parkin brothers, who were trackside capturing all the action.

Josh Bryceland - Action Loic Bruni - Action Josh Bryceland - Action

Cape to Cape MTB – Flow’s Heading West for 2015!

Cape to Cape MTB is undeniably one of Australia’s leading mountain bike events. Yes, sure the racing is top quality with one of Australia’s finest elite fields, but that’s not what does it for us.

There’s a lot more to this event away from the pointy end that appeals to our tastes. Like stages finishing at beaches and breweries, stunning scenery and wineries, or some of the finest singletrack in the Margaret River Pines. Or the fact that the racing is always wrapped up by midday, so you can enjoy the rest of region with your friends and family each day. That’s what keeps us coming back.

2015 will be the fourth time we’ve attended Cape to Cape MTB, (check out the videos below – good times from 2012 when Flow strapped on a number plate and got amongst it!) and while this time we’ll behind the lens, not the handlebars, we’re looking forward to it as much as ever.

If you want to get a better idea of what this event is all about, then grab a coffee or a cold one, and settle in to watch the full 50 minute documentary from last year’s event.

Cape to Cape MTB 2014 Documentary from Cape to Cape MTB on Vimeo.

Full details for 2015’s event are over at

Cape to Cape MTB stage race 2012, Day 1-2 – Flow Mountain Bike from Flow Mountain Bike on Vimeo.

Cape to Cape MTB stage race 2012, Day 3-4 – Flow Mountain Bike from Flow Mountain Bike on Vimeo.