EVENT: CANNONBALL | Dual Compressor

State: NSW

Cat: 4x

  • Location

    Thredbo, NSW

  • When

    Fri 5 December, 2014

  • Format

  • Description

    A new event for 2014. Racing at its most raw, the Dual Compressors crowd-pleasing format pits two competitors side-by-side to battle each other & the clock as they race to avoid elimination each round. The finely tuned course of jumps, berms, rhythm sections and drops makes for a gruelling battleground, challenging both pump-track specialists and the true downhillers. Riders will race on equal course side by side before integrating and pushing one another through to the finish.

  • Entries Open

    Entries are closed.

  • More Info

    Visit http://www.thredbo.com.au/cannonballfestival/ for more information.

  • Getting There

    Head for the chairlifts

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