EVENT: Freedom MTB Marathon

State: TBA

Cat: endurance

  • Location


  • When

    Sat 12 October, 2013

  • Format

    Marathon style in rainforest

  • Description

    Saturday October 12th. 2013
    65k/45k/25k events

    The 7th annual Freedom MTB Marathon. Explore the magic of the Nightcap national park high up in the Byron bay hinterland. Camp at the beautiful Rummery park campground right inside the rainforest before and after the event.

    NEW COURSE Design for 2013!

    65k and 45k feature the combination of the two massive downhills (10k + 6k). The 25k features the 6k descent. All events traverse the upper reaches of the Nightcap wilderness (for the first time!) before descending to the finish (via some new single track trail we have never used before).

    Open to riders 12yrs and above.
    (Its recommended the 12yr olds do the 20k)
    Please note: 12 – 16yrs may only enter the 40k and 20k event. 17yrs+ can enter the 60k/40k/20k.

    Solo Man/Women
    12yr – 16yrs
    17yr – 29yrs
    30yr – 39yrs
    40yr – 49yrs
    50yr – 59yrs

    2 person Teams
    2 person Team (Men)
    2 person Team (Women)
    2 person Team (Mixed)

    Entries open Feb 11th:
    Early Bird: Feb 11th – July 11th
    Standard Entries: July 11th – Oct 4th

    Info www.summerofcycling.com

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    Entries are closed.

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    Visit summerofcycling.com for more information.

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