EVENT: Two6 Racing: The Dessert

State: NSW

Cat: endurance

  • Location

    Newcastle, NSW

  • When

    Sat 2 February, 2013 -
    Sun 3 February, 2013

  • Format

    12 Hour Night Enduro

  • Description

    Like the ‘Main Course’ (because we want to ‘manage your expectations’), we have a vibe and that vibe attracts a certain type of rider…

    The ‘Dessert’ is a great event for the first time night rider, the casual rider, the sort of rider that likes to come for a good time and a good ride, the fast rider that rides fast with a smile on their face and a beer in their tent.

    Who’s it not for? Night riding can be slower and for many requires more concentration, so on course speed induced agro is not wanted at any level.As such, even more than the ‘Main Course’, the ‘Dessert’ is not for the super competitive lap/time counter, the type of rider that hates it when slower riders get in their way, or the rider that has a team feeding them as they do laps.

  • Entries Open

    Entries are closed.

  • More Info

    Visit two6racing.lab-gear.com/the-dessert-12-hour-mountainbike-night-race for more information.

  • Getting There

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