Falls Creek

Destination overview

There is no other way to describe Falls Creek than epic. High in the Victorian Alpine, the trails off the summit start around 1800m above sea level, with not a tree in sight. As you work your way down the mountain, you’re greeted by bleached white snow gums and alpine scrub.

Bike parks and backcountry adventures

With 40km of trails at the tippy top of the Victorian Alpine, Blue Dirt runs shuttles every weekend from the base area. Not a weekend? Not to worry, Falls has lovely climbing trails leaving from the village.

Most of the trails here are machine built, fast and flowy, but keep an eye out for the rockwork — there are some great slabs and rock gardens, and the stonework on High Voltage is something to behold.

Shuttles, views and brews

Riding at Falls Creek isn’t confined to just the bike park, and there are loads of backcountry trails and fire roads used by hikers, horse riders and mountain bikers too. Bring your e-Bike and explore the breathtaking scenery, have a dip in a high alpine lake, or spend a night in one of the many huts.

Each year in November, Falls Creek hosts the Ignition MTB festival to kick start the riding season. Unlike a lot of mountain bike festivals, it isn’t about racing, instead, it’s a social weekend where you can do a skills workshop, pedal out into the backcountry with a group of new friends, and demo the latest and greatest mountain bikes.

The village is pretty quiet during the summer, but there are a few places to eat and stay. Otherwise, you can set up shop in Mount Beauty which is about half-an-hour down the road.


Region Trail Map

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