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Forrest was a timber town, and after the sawmills closed their doors, the mountain bikers moved in. The Forrest mountain bike trails here have been around since the mid-2000s, and Forrest has built a reputation as a family-friendly network of primarily green and blue trails, with a handful of blacks sprinkled throughout.

With that said, Forrest has hosted the Otway Oddessy, arguably the biggest mountain bike race in Victoria, for going on two decades— a testament to the quality of riding here.

Riding the forest of Forrest

Forrest has a few years on it now, and the trails have just undergone the first stage of a major revitalisation effort. The network is divided into two: the Yaugher Trails north of town are where you’ll find Vista, Mariners Run and Grass Trees. These are still running in their original form, packed full of natural features and handbuilt goodness.

On the south side of town is where the work has taken place, with classics like Follow the Dog, Third Time Lucky and Roller Coster having a new lease of life, there’s also four brand new, machine-built descending trails and a corresponding climbing trail. Out here is also where you’ll find Forrest’s flagship trail — Red Carpet.

At 4.5km in length, Red Carpet is mostly descending, with about 216m of vertical drop. It’s a mix of fast and straight sections through tight trees, with some A and B lines on offer. You can carry speed to get a little bit of lift off the side hits or keep it pinned between the trees and fly down to the bottom.

Oh, and did we mention there is a MASSIVE new pump track in town that puts a load of far bigger destinations to shame?

Adventure in the Otways

Forrest is in the heart of Otway National Park, and there is no shortage of iconic things to see in the area. The town is only a stone’s throw from the Great Ocean Road, Beauchamp Falls and The Otway Redwoods, a massive forest of California Redwoods that was planted and never harvested.

There are plenty of cabins, guesthouses and B&Bs, both of the ‘Air’ and traditional variety. The town has a brewery, and the old train station used to transport sawed timber has been converted into a pub.

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6 responses to “Forrest”

  1. Forest trails, whether you are doing the Otway Odyssey or just out for a ride, it is awesome . Some of the best flowing trials in Victoria along with plenty of traction. There is something for all type of XC riders, steep hill climbs, sweet flat and downhill sections suitable for all levels of ability.

  2. Outside of the incredible pumptrack by Velosolutions, I feel like the recent upgrades have had quite a negative impact on the overall trail experience at Forrest. Formerly fun, grippy trails are now coated in slippery gravel making them unpredictable and skatey. Approach with caution!

    I’ve seen positive updates to trails throughout the Victorian High Country, like the Indigo Epic, Cascades Trail and the recent updates to Mount Buller. All of these investments do a much better job of catering to all skill levels and have predictable consistent surfacing materials used.

    It isn’t all bad, Forrest has some amazing scenery and waterfalls nearby that are well worth a look. I’d also strongly recommend swinging by the brewery to try the Silvertop Lager.

    My favourite trails are on the Yaugher side of town and are from the original build many years ago, I’m hoping these don’t receive the same gravel treatment as the new trails. I remain hopeful that we’ll see remediation works to the recent upgrades. Fingers and toes crossed that Forrest sees the addition of some proper advanced trails in the future too.

  3. The new flow trails are great and the hub with the jumps and two pump tracks are excellent for all abilities to work on their skills. It’s great to see this destination rejuvinated as it had become a bit long in the tooth. It’s still a beginner/intermediate destination so it would be great to see more challenging advanced trails/features in the future. The brewery is alone is worth the visit to the town!

  4. Great place for all skill levels. Bring the family and keep the pace slow or bring the pads and head to the top of Red Carpet for some fast paced action. Forest has it all from old school single track XC to fast flowing machine made berms. There’s so many trails you’re bound to find something you like. Finish the day at the brewery for some good food and good drink.

  5. All trails, I love it here, a surprisingly challenging place to ride at times, possibly it’s the beauty that give you a false sense of security. Great single track can be as easy or hard as you like, the skills Park is a great upgrade.

  6. One of the original MTB destinations in the country, the trails at Forrest have recently undergone a revamp, however they still retain their old-school, hand cut feel. It’s definitely better-suited to beginner to intermediate riders, although advanced riders will still enjoy the popular Red Carpet descent.

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