Cairns 2014: DH Qualifying Gallery

Like those weird winged ants that emerge just before a rain storm, the Cairns locals came out of the rainforest in their barefooted masses today to go completely bananas on muddy hillside. It clearly takes more than a bit of trench foot to keep these frothing fans away.

The conditions were tough on riders too; when the rain stopped, the mud quickly turned to cookie dough, gumming up bikes and making carrying speed a real challenge.

The results today (men and women) were surprising, with a lot highly decorated riders right down the pile. But if the conditions are the same again tomorrow, finals could be just as much of a lottery; roll the dice, let brakes off and hope like hell a root doesn’t steal your front wheel from under you.

Here are a few more of our favourites from today’s action.

SEND IT! Taking the big line into the mogul field before the whoops.
SEND IT! Taking the big line into the mogul field before the whoops.
Cairns2014 DH Qualifying 31
Dean Lucas on the Cyclone (AKA The Corkscrew).
Cairns2014 DH Qualifying 1
Tear-off alley.
Cairns2014 DH Qualifying 28
Remi Thirion drops in after the Cyclone.

Cairns2014 DH Qualifying 15

Cairns2014 DH Qualifying 9

Cairns2014 DH Qualifying 25

Cairns2014 DH Qualifying 71


Cairns2014 DH Qualifying 84


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