07 Oct 2013

The mechanics, the volunteers, the shops, the reps, the juniors, the child carers, the mothers, the fathers, the husbands, the wives, the racers, the photographers, the medics, the organisers, the food makers, the coffee brewers, the facility managers, the commentators, the supporters, the masseurs, the time keepers, the travellers, the maintenance people…. the list goes on.

This one is for all of you.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of CORC, and the one-off Scott 25 hour, we decided to honour the people with 25 portraits. Because without you there wouldn’t be an event such as the Scott 24(5) hour.

(Thanks to HONY for the inspiration.)

“This is, I think, my 4th one as event director so it’s getting a little easier.” “I didn’t think it was easy on Thursday afternoon and Friday morning though, but now we’re into the event it gets easier.”
“I am here helping out anyone who needs help with SRAM, RockShox, Avid or Travativ. Nothing really obscure has happened this weekend, it’s been an easy one.”
“Mostly cuts and abrasions coming in so far.” “The most important thing we do is get people cleaned up and on their way, provide them with advice about how to keep their skin loss clean, and help with other follow-on advice.”
“This is the most important job at a bike race.” “I like to think it’s about the hydration but it’s probably more about the caffeine.” “Mornings are definitely the busiest.”
“It all happened too quickly to be scary.” “The pain is not too bad and the worst part is not being able to go out and do another lap.”
“I got a good 6 hours sleep last night I reckon, which is probably a lot more than most people.” “It’s the key to a good lap. You have to make sure you rest well.”
“I have been here since about 7am.” “I was in the registration tent in the morning and now I have been standing here for a few hours.” “One more hour to go and I will be back again at midnight.”
"I am the wife, and I am the mum, and a supporter." "It's actually pretty good. I get to sit here and drink wine."
“I am the wife, the mum, and the supporter.” “It’s actually pretty good. I get to sit here and drink wine.”
“This is really, really different the the South African World Champs I was just at.” “It’s different in a good way. It’s really social and it’s good fun actually.”
“There’s only a few hours left in the event and I am pretty tired.” “I really don’t want to move but I think I have to do another lap soon.”
“My first bike fail ever.” “I wasn’t too bad, I didn’t come off, and am no longer a bike-snapping virgin” “It is all bit sad actually, it’s another couple of grand down the toilet so hopefully I can get warranty.”
“We’ve sold about 80 pizzas so far and we’re only about 6 hours into the event.” “Hopefully by the end of the day 200 or more will be in the bellies of the riders.” “You’d expect the “fit” riding crowd to stay away but that’s not how we see, they love it.”
“We got a call yesterday that there was a snake by one of the main thoroughfares.” “We got in a local wildlife ranger and it was all taken care of.”
“It’s been a great weekend.” “Probably the hottest item in the repair department has been new chains.”
“I just ran from Double Dissolution, the total opposite side of the hill and probably the furthest point away.” “I have no idea how long that took but I can thank my two flat tyres for a great morning run.”
“I am here to communicate the riders’ numbers as they come past the start/finish gate.” “I have been here since 2am and the worst part of my job is trying to see the rider numbers when the plates get all bent.”
“I have the most important job here this weekend. That’s riding bikes and drinking beer.” “Beer is probably the more important of the two as it hydrates.”
“The worst thing about massaging mountain bikers is the hairy legs.” “I thought cyclists were supposed to have shaved legs?”
“I was out here yesterday making sure all the septic systems and plumbing were working.” “When it doesn’t work like it’s supposed to it can make for a shit weekend.”
“Australia is very nice.” “It’s been a long time dream for me to travel to Australia and I am very happy to be here.”
“I am the mother of Robert, who’s riding.” “He’s been riding in these events for the past 10 years and every time we usually come out on the Saturday afternoon and support him.”
“It’s only early on and I have worked on lots of demo bikes already.” “80 demo bikes have flown out the door, and that’s in only about 5 hours.” “The weather is good and everyone is happy so that helps.”
“I have come all the way from southern England on a Army sports tour of Australia to compete in the Scott 25 and ADCC event.” “The best part about the race is the fact that we’re not racing in mud, not using mud tyres, not climbing grass banks, and generally the trails are majestic.”
“My role is to baby sit Ruben so his mother can race.” “It’s a very, very important role for my daughter and I am more than happy to do it.”
“No, I haven’t lost my voice yet.” “I think having done 20 or so of these events it just comes with practice.” “Maybe each one is practice for the next?”