Bikes and Tech from Cannonball MTB Festival

Cannonballllll! Take a virtual stroll through the beating heart of Thredbo’s Cannonball MTB Festival with us, as we spot the bikes and tech that pique our interest. If you could have one bike as your own form this bunch, what would it be?

Thredbo is going off this summer! After a hot and dry start to the season, followed by closures due to bushfire threat, the place is buzzing again. 

Ta da! Queen of Cannonball, Sian A’Hern with her quiver of Norcos.
Norco’s Wild DH bike the Aurum HSP (High Single Pivot) counteracts the strong chain forces from the rearward axle path.
Another bike using an idler-pully is the Forbidden Druid. More commonly seen in longer-travel DH bikes, the 29″ wheel Druid uses 130mm of rear-wheel travel and is designed around a 140-150mm fork.
OMG, an Ironhorse Sunday! Are these considered retro, yet?
Jack Moir was one of the elite riders riding their custom painted World Champs bikes. Though with mismatched rear ends on both Jack and Gwin’s Intense M29, we speculate they never got completely comfortable with this frame design adapted to 29″ wheels. Anyhow, Jack’s onto a new team for the new season, stay tuned for that announcement soon.
Magura’s mighty MT7 four-piston brakes are gaining more spec from savvy riders, it seems. We are curious to try them out for ourselves.
Mitch Mckinlay stops at nothing in the quest to build the most high-end bikes in the universe.
How to make an expensive bike more expensive – add King hubs.
DMR Deathgrip grips are a popular option.
Australian National DH Team representative, Cooper Downey, and GT’s latest DH bike, the Fury. Another bike using an idler-pully for a rearward axle path suspension action without the negative pedal feedback.
Propain Factory Racing rider Luke Meier-Smith after pushing tyres past their limit.
Kye A’Hern’s sweet Canyon Sender from World Champs, the actual gold medal bike!
STFU chain silencer device fitted to a Commencal Furious, developed with input from Chris Kovarik. They sure make sense!
OMG, a 26″ Santa Cruz! Who remembers when they were the hottest carbon DH rig around?
The new 2020 Specialized Kenevo looking longingly at the chair lift, hoping it’s still ok to be friends after all the comments about uplifting.
Josh Carlson with his enduro-ready Giant Reign 29″. The fastest bike in both the Flow Motion Cup and All Mountain Assault.
Legit Barkbusters, in subtle orange. Handguards are becoming a regular sight amongst enduro riders, and for good reason.
Mini shredder with full-bouncers.
Mini-ish shredders with high-end bouncers.
Lobster on the SRAM tools.
Mobile beats, #10.
Mike Ross sinking his teeth into Cannonball. Crowds were loving his big whips and fluid style.
e-racing, all of the fun.
Bikes everywhere. Cannonball is so rad.
Open DH winner – again – Troy Brosnan and his Mont Sainte Anne World Champs bike, lavishly decorated with Australiana details in the paint. Though we believe there may be a new 29″ Canyon Sender announcing soon!
Mitch Ropelato in town! Bike skill master enjoying his time down under with his enduro-ready Santa Cruz Megatower.
More hand guards for less busted knuckles.
Wounded, send help.
Rising enduro star, Dan Booker’s new SRAM-equipped Megatower. Fresh!
Zipp Moto 3Zero wheels for the fast Tasmanian.
New bike, old pedals.
The pumptrack event was held without a chain within sight.
Connor Fearon with his Kona Operator and the Cannonball Festival Crown.
Of course.

Mo’ Flow Please!

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