Cairns World Cup: Downhill Finals

We said yesterday that Button was one of the most under-rated riders on the circuit, and we knew a top 15 or maybe even 10 was within his grasp, but to see him sitting in the hot seat almost to the very end of racing today was amazing. In his first World Cup race in years, the laconic, wry veteran of the Australian scene ended up in fifth, behind Gwin, Hannah, Brosnan and Bruni.

Take a look at that podium again – three Australians. And it’s not like the rest of the world weren’t in attendance, the field was stacked with all the big names.

The course was in perfect form too. After two days of sun and drizzle frustratingly swapping shifts, Cairns gave us the blue skies that we’ve all been hanging out for, and the track dried up into a grippy, fast surface for racing. It was great to see this venue finally present conditions that allowed riders to really perform – this track might cop a little bit of flack for the final sprint, but riders and fans were loving it come race day.

You can always trust Queenslanders to go all out in the fan department, but Cairns locals took it to another level of madness in the rock garden. The noise could be heard from almost the bottom of the track; if it made noise, you’d be able to find it alongside the track today! How anyone focused on their line in there is beyond us!

Mick Hannah came so close to making magic happen in front of his home crowd, and while he couldn’t take victory, it was great to see just how pumped up he was after crossing the line. A third today shows us that Mick Hannah is far from done with World Cup racing, he still has all the pace to cut it and he’ll be full confidence now.

Brosnan was the last rider down the hill, with Loic Bruni the man to beat. The battle between these insanely talented Specialized riders is going to be very exciting to watch over the next few years we feel. The Frenchman was too quick though, and Bruni was handed his first World Cup gold – we’re sure it’ll be the first of many.

The dream upset we’d been hoping for in the women’s didn’t come up, but Tracey Hannah has got to be happy with second place behind the dominant Rachel Atherton. Short of a serious mistake by Atherton, it was always going to be a big ask for Tracey to knock the Brit off her perch. And with both riders having a clean run, Atherton did it again by seven seconds, adding time to her lead with every split. Danni Beecroft will be happy with a top ten too, as she makes a return to World Cup racing.

The junior field always has a super strong local contingent at World Cups and today saw a fleet of Australian under-19 riders cut loose. In the junior men’s field, Brit Matt Walker spoiled the party for the otherwise all-Australian top-five. Remy Morton rode into second, which is pretty impressive after coming to almost a standstill in the rock garden, with Harry Bush in third, Jackson Frew in fourth and Josh Clark in fifth. Sian Ahearn was the lone under-19 woman and she should be stoked with the way she rode too, hopefully we see more young Australian women following in her footsteps.

The excitement and hot tropical sun has us zapped, so we’re going let a huge photo gallery do most of the talking now. Enjoy! See you soon for the XCO!

Cairns Day 3-28_LOW2062Cairns Day 3-31_LOW1669Cairns Day 3-26 Cairns Day 3-20 Cairns Day 3-15 _LOW1659_LOW1480_LOW1440_LOW1379 _LOW1654 _LOW1523 _LOW1585 _LOW1596 _LOW1630 _LOW1634

Cairns Day 3-4

Cairns Day 3-5

Cairns Day 3-50 Cairns Day 3-49 Cairns Day 3-21 Cairns Day 3-3

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Cairns Day 3-34 Cairns Day 3-16

Cairns Day 3-2 Cairns Day 3-47 _LOW1784 _LOW1804 _LOW1822 _LOW2244 _LOW2250 _LOW2230

Cairns Day 3-6

_LOW1358Cairns Day 3-17

Cairns Day 3-42 Cairns Day 3-46 Cairns Day 3-9

Cairns Day 3-19

Cairns Day 3-33Cairns Day 3-23Cairns Day 3-24_LOW1915Cairns Day 3-44
Cairns Day 3-22 Cairns Day 3-1 _LOW1938_LOW2209

_LOW1848 _LOW1853 _LOW1883

_LOW1999_LOW1962Cairns Day 3-18

Cairns Day 3-38 _LOW1931 _LOW2046 _LOW2276

Cairns Day 3-35 _LOW2310

Cairns Day 3-40 _LOW2086 _LOW2109 _LOW2210 _LOW2183 _LOW2283

Cairns Day 3-43


_LOW2287 _LOW2285

Cairns Day 3-27 _LOW2064 _LOW2073 _LOW2160 _LOW2172 _LOW2213 _LOW2158 _LOW2273 _LOW2291 _LOW2302 _LOW2293 Cairns Day 3-36

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